Community Volunteer Council marking 40 years

GIRARD — The Community Volunteer Council is marking 40 years of helping people in the community with various needs, such as food and housing.

The CVC, located at 1642 W, Market St. SW, Warren, was organized in September 1979 by Sadie Parks, who was the first president of the organization that was incorporated in February 1987.

Parks recognized a need for a strong group that would consist of members of local churches in both the city and the county.

Marlene Roberts, president of CVC, said the 36th annual high tea held at Mahoning Country Club marked the celebration of the 40 years of serving the community.

“Our founder, Sadie Parks’ vision and purpose is being kept alive 40 years later. All of our charter members are smiling with much pride and joy to all of the current and past members and volunteers, church families, community leaders and the members of the community who support the CVC in our continued success,” Roberts said.

She said the members reach out to the sick and shut-ins for the community.

Don Emerson of Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority said the women with CVC held civic responsibility as a priority.

“For 40 years they have been in the community helping people in need. Their ideas have worked,” he said.

The purpose of the CVC is to volunteer service in the community, inform the public about agencies and services that offer assistance, and to educate people of their rights as residents of state, city and county.

CVC today consists of 35 members from different churches. They meet the first Sunday of each month.

In July 1939, the CVC was given $2,000 from a community block grant. The property at 1642 W Market St. was purchased and later dedicated on Dec. 8, 1991.

The CVC has provided more than 3,213 people with clothing, food and furniture this year.

The members are involved as volunteers in hospitals, Trumbull Mobile Meals, SCOPE Center and United Methodist Community Center.

“The CVC is growing with services that we provide to the community. The CVC provides more than just basic needs. We continue to struggle but provide for those in need doing whatever it takes. Sometimes it means using are personal time and doing what needs to be done,” Roberts said.

She said the theme for the 40th anniversary is “Willing and Ready to Serve.”

This year’s high tea was dedicated in memory of Myrtle Angel and Elizabeth Hill, who died this year.

CVC member Lena Spencer said, “We are delighted to have all of you here for this milestone celebration. For everything there is a time and season. This is the time for celebrating.”

Pastor Todd Johnson of Second Baptist Church said there are so many people in the community who thank CVC for what it has done such as getting winter coats for children. “They continue to do much needed work to help those who are lonely and needing support.”

Marsha Terry, a CVC member since 2018, said the organization has helped 4,650 people with clothing, food and furniture.


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