Stay the course despite changing virus guidelines


Just as Ohio’s Department of Health last week was announcing its plans to waive mask requirements inside Ohio’s schools this fall, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was back peddling Tuesday on its masking guidelines, now considering new recommendations that even ...

Electoral College should be dropped

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: Most of my life I had very little interest in politics. However, I did research the candidates and issues before I voted. I never paid much attention to the electoral process. Over the last six years, I have learned that we have a lot of problems in our system. I always believed ...

Prosecution of individuals is biggest warning


A “stern warning” to other corporations and corporate executives is one of the things an FBI official said the federal agency hoped to achieve with the recent agreement in which FirstEnergy Corp.will pay $230 million stemming from an Ohio bribery case. Really? A stern warning? What ...

Combat dysfunction with a county charter system

Guest Columnists

The fundamental problem we have is the antiquated statutory structure of our three-member board of county commissioners. Having served on a three-member board as a Weathersfield Township trustee during the 1980s, I experienced how volatile and dysfunctional a three-member board can be. We can ...

We try, but few of us can relate to Olympians

Brenda J. Linert

My husband and I sat on the couch last Sunday, mesmerized by what was taking place before our very eyes. Austrian bicyclist Anna Kiesenhofer sought extra momentum by standing on her pedals as she pushed up a dreadfully long incline toward the Fuji International Speedway finish line and her ...

Ohio GOP blocking environmental safety

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: Gov. DeWine and Ohio Republicans have banned Ohio communities from curbing the use of plastic bags and helping to reduce harm to our environment. Once again, Ohio State Republicans are blocking the way towards a cleaner, safer environment just like they did with the passage of the ...