Selecting right HR director is key for county


A panel of citizens appointed to assist Trumbull County commissioners in narrowing the field of candidates for the county’s next human resources director is going about the process of winnowing the field down from the initial 58 applicants. Commissioners, of course, will make the final ...

No quick, easy solution for high inflation


If it seems as though Ohio’s economy is grinding to a slow slog, you’re not imagining things. Among other indicators, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose released data that show new business filings in the state decreased by 20 percent from March to April 2022, and 30 percent from April ...

Party leadership battles loom

David Skolnick

There will be challenges to the leadership of the Republican and Democratic parties in Trumbull County and a contested race for chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party. There won’t be any issue with Mahoning County Republican Party Chairman Thomas McCabe’s re-election. He’s the ...

Buckle up; it could save your life


Law enforcement agencies across Ohio will be ramping up efforts to enforce seat belt laws as part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign, which officially begins today. It’s an attempt to remind drivers there are legal and ...

NIL plan defeat was right answer


Remember your high school years? Remember your decision-making abilities and how little you understood about what the future might hold? Fortunately, it seems as though Ohio’s high school principals remember them, too, perhaps helped along by their daily exposure to the ups and downs of life ...

Student loan relief will play role in campaigns


Many people successful in their life’s pursuits are where they are today because of educational opportunities afforded by federal student loans or grants. Those former students should be forever grateful for having had the opportunity to grow up in a free nation with abundant educational ...