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Letters to the Editor

The city of Girard is wrong to charge 1,500 Liberty residents the second-highest water rates in Ohio. It does not cost Girard any more money to send water a couple blocks away. Those 1,500 residents and all Liberty residents should boycott Girard businesses. Let those businesses know what you ...

Orchids and onions


• ORCHID: To the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library for making impressive progress on construction of the $4.7 million addition of its main branch in Warren that will increase its size 25 percent from 58,000 to 72,000 square feet. Exterior work on the project is nearly complete, and the ...

New faces best for Warren’s 1st, 5th wards


Residents living in Warren’s 5th Ward will receive a new council member to represent them this year, as current 5th Ward Councilman Ken MacPherson, instead, is seeking a council at-Large seat. Voters will choose among four candidates for 5th Ward seat — Democrat Ashley Miner, Republican ...

It’s boom times for Tim Ryan’s fundraising

David Skolnick

The ability of U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s Senate campaign to raise more money from donors and increase the amounts compared to others in the race is a surprisingly impressive feat. Over the years, I’ve mentioned Ryan’s struggles to attract donors despite being in the U.S. House for almost 19 ...

Aisha’s Law must be heard in Columbus


In light of the investigation into the death of Gabby Petito, who died from strangulation, there has been a push once more in Ohio for Aisha’s Law. Named after Aisha Mason, an Ohio teacher who was murdered by her ex-husband, the House Bill would make strangulation a felony in the Buckeye ...

Public debate a critical part of democracy


Naturally, members of elected bodies aren’t always going to agree — nor should they. Debate and discourse of public issues are a critical part of our democracy. That’s not to say, however, that we condone disrespectful locking of horns among members of elected bodies. Speaking over one ...