Politicians must keep church, state separate

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: Come on Republican Ohio lawmakers. We are better than this. You are using the state budget to continue to blur the lines of separation of state and church. The current state budget includes a bill that allows doctors and medical staff the ability to refuse to treat anyone if it ...

Burned-out vehicle lights pose danger

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: Automobile owners need to inspect their vehicles for burned out or damaged headlights, brake and tail lights. Many late model vehicles have lights burned out. Have a friend or family member help you check all lights and turn signals for proper operation. Most auto parts stores ...

Smell flowers; don’t rush through life

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: Life is what you make of it. As a child you could always find me in trees, eating peaches, cherries, apples and pears. I would search the plowed fields for arrowheads, spending many summers weeding flower beds. In time, the gardens changed to lawns, eventually evolving to a ...

Sound off!

Letters to the Editor

Rep. Mike Loychik is not knowledgeable nor well spoken. He avoids media by using prepared statements. His constituents do not know where he stands on various issues. His friends at the state capital are lobbyists who funded his campaign. He used his veteran status to play to people to give him ...

Orchids and onions


• ORCHID: To the 717 Credit Union for its decision to open a new branch on Courthouse Square in Warren, contributing to the renaissance of the downtown area. The move particularly is heartening considering it bucks the strong trend of closings of brick-and-mortar banks as consumers ...

Give Howland historical group seat at the table


Safety improvements are crucial for a high traffic Howland road where many fatal and injury crashes have occurred over the years. But preservation of our history is crucial, too, to future generations. The two issues have intersected as the Ohio Department of Transportation works to ...