Packard Band concert provided needed lift

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: My husband and I attended the W.D. Packard Band’s Memorial Day concert at the Packard Music Hall. For those who weren’t able to attend for whatever reason, they missed an exceptional concert featuring an amazing lineup of some of our country’s finest patriotic songs. The ...

What happens when fathers are absent

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: Ninety percent of all U.S. prison inmates never had a father involved in their lives; 40 percent of all homes in Western culture now are fatherless. Since LBJ’s war on poverty, the rate of poverty has remained about the same, 11 to 15 percent, over the past 50 years. In the ...

Dialogue, honest debate needed in US

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: This letter is in response to the June 5 letter titled “Republican solutions to today’s issues.” The letter is a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country. The letter, full of hate and unsubstantiated opinions, leaves no room for dialogue or honest debate. I ...

Sound off!

Letters to the Editor

I saw the video of the June 8 Trumbull County commissioners’ meeting and was disgusted by Ms. Frenchko’s behavior and foul language. She has caused a multitude of problems with fellow commissioners, county employees and the citizens who she should be listening to. Ms. Frenchko needs to be ...

Orchids and onions


• ORCHID: To 1987 Mathews High School graduate Shawn Seminara, who carved from wood an 8-foot horse and donated the piece of art to his alma mater, whose nickname is the Mustangs. The beautiful carving named Eclipse — done with a chainsaw and grinder — stands proudly outside the ...

We must keep up work to help eagles prosper


Ohio nature lovers got some good news this spring, when the state Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife announced the results of its most recent bald eagle census. The once-endangered national symbol appears to be doing quite well for itself here. According to ODNR, there are ...