It’s boom times for Tim Ryan’s fundraising

David Skolnick

The ability of U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s Senate campaign to raise more money from donors and increase the amounts compared to others in the race is a surprisingly impressive feat. Over the years, I’ve mentioned Ryan’s struggles to attract donors despite being in the U.S. House for almost 19 ...

Aisha’s Law must be heard in Columbus


In light of the investigation into the death of Gabby Petito, who died from strangulation, there has been a push once more in Ohio for Aisha’s Law. Named after Aisha Mason, an Ohio teacher who was murdered by her ex-husband, the House Bill would make strangulation a felony in the Buckeye ...

Public debate a critical part of democracy


Naturally, members of elected bodies aren’t always going to agree — nor should they. Debate and discourse of public issues are a critical part of our democracy. That’s not to say, however, that we condone disrespectful locking of horns among members of elected bodies. Speaking over one ...

Breast cancer statistics should be sobering to all


It’s October, a time when the color pink is prevalent in our communities, making us aware it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In an attempt to raise this awareness, bright pink highlighted the cover of this newspaper on Oct. 1, and the Health Page that publishes every Tuesday, including ...

Infrastructure bills needed for our future

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: These United States is facing two distinct problems: the lack of physical and human infrastructure. The bipartisan infrastructure bill provides a much-needed solution to fix our neglected physical infrastructure. Both the United States and Ohio score a C- on infrastructure. This ...

Safety reminders amid pedestrian crash increase


The life of Diana M. St. Julian, of Cortland, just 31 years old, was snuffed out last week when she was struck by a passing vehicle as she walked at night near East Federal Street in Niles. The driver has been charged in the Oct. 10 death, but that likely will bring little solace to the ...