Look beyond differences


Another weekend comes to a close on the heels of three shootings involving police, one officer is dead and three are injured, while in Chicago an officer shoots an apparently armed black man, touching off two days of riots and protests over police-involved shootings. Oddly enough, there were almost 100 people shot in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend; however, there were no protest or riots, imagine that.

But if there had been a police involvement in these shootings there would have been chaos in Chicago and protesters would have demanded justice. What about justice for these 100 people, or is it just another day at the office?

Civil rights has come a long way since Brown vs. Board of Education, but we have a long road to go and maybe that road will be a bumpy one with no shocks. We must see beyond our differences and prejudices to remove mistrust in our society. All lives matter.


Beaver Township