Open carrier routes

Delivering newspapers is a great way to earn extra money. Income is based on the number of newspapers you deliver… the more you deliver, the more you earn. Deliveries are early in the morning so you have the rest of the day for whatever you want to do. For more details, complete and submit the information below.

Routes Currently or Coming Available:

• Niles – porch delivery

• Warren SE – porch delivery

• Cortland – porch delivery and driving route

• Newton Falls / Diamond – driving route

• West Farmington / Parkman – driving route

Or contact:

Bill Shultz, Circulation Director – bshultz@tribtoday.com

Paula Smith, District Manager – psmith@tribtoday.com

Sean Hood, District Manager – shood@tribtoday.com

Circulation Department – circulation@tribtoday.com

(330) 841-1702

The Tribune Chronicle also has opportunities for distribution of weekly and monthly publications. For more information, contact: Tribune Chronicle Circulation Department at (330) 841-1702