Police ID Warren murder victim

Charles Parisi Jr.

WARREN — The father of a man murdered in broad daylight Wednesday as a school bus was dropping off children said his son had struggled with addiction, but tried to get his life together.

Charles Parisi Jr., 29, of Youngstown, who was identified in a police report released Thursday, was shot on Deerfield Street near the corner of Surfwood Circle around 4:22 p.m. while riding his motorcyle. The bus was carrying some students, so the bus driver left the area and went to the Jefferson PK-8 school, according to the 911 report.

Charles Parisi Sr. said the younger Parisi leaves behind an 11-year-old son. The elder Parisi said his son, who worked construction and grew up in Niles, had a long stretch of sobriety before a recent relapse.

“He was a good kid who got messed up in a little bit of stuff, but he got his life straightened around for some time,” Parisi Sr. said.

Parisi Sr. said Thursday his son went to confront some people who the younger Parisi said had ripped him off. Parisi Sr. said he tried telling him not to go, but he went anyway.

“He said ‘all right I’m going home,'” Parisi Sr. said. “But then he headed the other way and I thought ‘oh my God.'”

A short time later, Parisi Sr. said he got a call from a friend who asked him if his son was riding a motorcycle. The friend then told Parisi Sr. his son had been shot.

“He was a wonderful son who would do anything for you,” Parisi Sr. said.

Several calls came in to Trumbull County 911 about the shooting, including two from residents in the area who said a motorcyclist was shot and lying in the middle of Surfwood Circle and one from an employee of Warren City Schools who was relaying information from a bus driver who could be heard over a bus radio in the background.

“He looked right at us,” a woman can be heard saying.

Warren police Det. Nick Carney said the murder remains under investigation and an arrest hasn’t been made.

According to court records, Parisi Jr. has several criminal convictions, including assault and theft. He was sentenced to five years probation in May 2015 for a 2014 assault conviction and court records show he had been making regular payments on his fines and costs, including a payment Nov. 3.