County worker involved in crash

WARREN — An employee of the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office was involved in a minor traffic accident on Dec. 30.

Ohio State Highway Patrol reports state county worker Jason Devengencie was operating a slow plow and backed into a vehicle at the intersection of Addison Road and Brookfield Avenue in Brookfield

Devengencie, 34, of 1600 Howland WIlson Road, Howland, was cited with failure to follow the rules for starting and backing, according to court records.

He will appear in Eastern District Court on Thursday.

Because of the accident, the Engineer office’s personnell director, Herbert Laukhart Jr., said Devengencie was subject to protocols, which included independent drug and alcohol testing.

“Initially, we were given information that said the employee tested positive,” Laukhart said.

“However, it was determined that detected levels fell below established guidelines, thereby establishing a ‘negative’ test result.”

Laukhart said as soon as the accurate result was determined, Devengencie, who was hired June 15, 2015, was immediately returned to active duty.