Rep. Tim Ryan offers strong energy solutions


It’s unfortunate U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan still isn’t a Democratic presidential candidate, if only because his energy solutions for ensuring our access to American-made energy while protecting our environment are among the most sensible, realistic and beneficial to working families.

As a candidate, he shunned the anti-energy sloganeering adopted by other Democratic presidential candidates whose changes are couched as revolutionary instead of practical and workable in the real world based on current technology.

For nearly 15 years, Consumer Energy Alliance has worked alongside local leaders in advocating for sensible energy policies for all consumers, especially families and local businesses. Ryan, for one, understands the necessity for clean energy, but also recognizes the importance of hydraulic fracturing and the large investments being made in our region as a result.

He grasps that we cannot banish natural gas and nuclear energy without pause, as some candidates advocate. Banning natural gas only hurts workers across the Mahoning Valley, starting with the loss of family-sustaining jobs and union opportunities building the infrastructure and manufacturing plants that employ our friends and families. Banning natural gas would also lead to sharply higher energy bills, negating the $40 Billion families and businesses have saved over the past decade on their utility bills.

Energy should be non-partisan. We know a balanced energy policy is needed to secure our energy future, with traditional fuels working hand-in-hand with advanced energy resources over decades to accomplish this goal.

Every presidential candidate can benefit from considering and adopting the sensible, realistic approach to the energy solutions Ryan brings to the table for our future’s sake.


Midwest director,

Consumer Energy Alliance



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