Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County July 18-22:


Brenda L. Fox to Matthew J. Toth, 3275 Woodland Trail, Unit B, $123,750

Joseph L. Phipps and Marcia K. Hughes to Nicholas Aaron Grimm, North Park Avenue, $20,000

My Legacy LLC to Zachary K. Schrider, 3541 Hoagland Blackstub Road, $249,000


Benchmark Properties of Ohio LTD to Leslie Bouchard and Matthew Foss, 485 McConnell Road East, $380,000


Raymond Johnson and Lynn Marie Johnson to Douglas Mark Carter and Diana Lynn Carter, 2121 state Route 88, $301,000

Jeanne M. Wisniewski to William Gurich and Marsha Gurich, 6301 state Route 45, $205,000

Gregory J. Porter to Victoria Elaine Porter, 5911 North Park Ave., $92,000

James L. Goelz and Brenda Goelz to Charles E. Nemetz and Jeannette M. Krembrenk, 5385 Thompson Clark Road, $165,000


Joan M. Brest to Ashley N. Woloschak and Charles Woloschak, 5745 Breezewood Lake Drive, $190,000

Todd A. Walsh to Denise Kathryn Nobbs, Gaylord Avenue, $20,000

Todd A. Walsh to Denise Kathryn Nobbs, Gaylord Avenue, $20,000

Todd A. Walsh to Denise Kathryn Nobbs, 751 Gaylord Ave., $20,000

Mark S. Taylor to Hartford Land Investments LLC, 2160 Sharon Hogue Road, $500,000


John A. Liptak and Joann E. Liptak to Gary P. Mears and Carrie M. Mears, 5253 Calla Ave., $195,000

Brittany M. Schwab and Jason S. Schwab to Colton Short, 525 Towson Drive, $210,000

Carolyn Lynne Gravatt to Nicholas A. Grimm, 6497 North Park Ave., $180,000

Rebecca C. Davidson and Meredith M. Davidson to Jason S. Kish and Rachel L. Kish, 5110 Sabrina Lane, $215,000


John J. David to Jordan Clay and Sarah Clay, 351 Sawmill Drive, $184,000

Richard M. Kelsh Jr. to Dakota William Dick, 277 E. Main St., $165,000


Gary J. Walczak to So Will I Properties LLC, 4857 Hickory Road, $137,500


Edward Peter Mizicko to Kurt Seifert and Maranda Seifert, 4722 Cadwallader Sonk Road, $200,000


Robert J. Julius and Angela J. Simpson to Hannah Rose, 922 Woodlawn Ave., $110,000

Gina Cannell to Excalibur Barber LLC, 12 State St., $64,400

Loboch LLC to Randi Schreckengost, 159 Smithsonian St., $68,750

Sim-Cox Property Management LLC to Lawrence Goist, 40 Kline St., $70,400


Mark S. Taylor to Hartford Land Investments LLC, 2160 Sharon Hogue Road, $500,000


Loretta Ecklund to KAP Leasing LTD, 822 Shadowood Lane, $250,000

Daniel R. Wilson Jr. to Floyd J. Hiland III, 3219 Fairview Ave., $140,000

Vincent McCabe and Jennifer McCabe to Jason M. Smith, 1313 DeForest Ave., $125,000

Alice A. Cosgrove to M Walker Investments LLC, 2279 Reeves Road, $60,000

Lynette L. Kern to Joseph A. Kennedy, 8743 Warwick Drive, $174,000

Todd J. Huna and Miriam S. Huna to Richard L. Scenna and Amanda L. Scenna, 1860 Brittainy Oaks Road, $200,000

Susan M. Alberini to Rohan Gupta and Arun Banotra, 103 North Aspen Unit 1, $190,000

Jason Faith to Vernon Cesta, 7571 Mines Road, $185,000

Patrick W. Billups to David Kirkland, 2532 Forest Springs Drive, $419,000


John A. Wittenauer to Oltmann Properties LLC, Erie St. $32,500

Paul F. Chicone and Karen R. Chicone to James W. Bullock and Cynthia K. Bullock, 1190 Doris Drive, $70,000

Kimberly A. Depoy to Ryan A. Mosora, 345 Raymond Drive, $275,000

David G. Cheliras and Katherine M. Cheliras to Philip G. Bucher Jr. and Chloe A. Bucher, 144 Fifth Ave., $193,000


Smearcase LLC to Smearcase LLC, 5915 Burnett East Road, $57,551

Perry E. Coxson III and Rebecca M. Coxson to Tomi Leigh Dilworth and Benjamin Paul Corbin, 8459 Main St., $135,000

Jeremy Kern to Paul R. Ellwood, Kinsman Ridge Road, $39,900


Franklin W. Muller to Jackie C. Dill, 18 Wildfern Drive, $307,300

James M. Rimer to M Walker Investments LLC, 1655 Keefer Road, $26,700

Dominic J. Bosi and Danielle R. Bosi to Mikenzie D. Ryan, 1660 Shannon Drive, $149,900

Douglas Bemiller and Nancy C. Serafino to Courtney Lynn Campbell, Hadley Ave., $105,413

Gina Marie Mordecki to Jeanette L. McIivain and Scott K. McIivain, Fifth Ave., $249,999

Robert W. Cregar to Renee Lydia Salata, 3585 Staunton Drive, $159,650

Lee Tseng and Wen Tseng to RAF Investments LTD, Belmont Avenue, $155,000


Paul M. Wolford to John J. Ruane and Kellie L. Ruane, 845 Connecticut Ave., $150,000


Frances A. Ollila to Richard S. Novak II and Cynthia A. Novak, state Route 46, $45,000


Rudy Land LLC to Kenneth P. Ewsichek, 476 Circle Ave., $50,000

Tamara Smithberger to Laurel Carroll and Robert Carroll, 318 Arlington Boulevard, $115,000


Estele Fife to Michael Miller and James Miller, 629 Dakota Ave., $90,000

David Bergana and Patricia H. Bergana to Eric C. Diehl, 532 Bonnie Brae Ave.,$275,000

Peter M. Ruberto to Joseph A. Cera and Denise R. Cera, 324 Vienna Ave., $70,000

Todd Thomas and Becky Thomas to DH Tad Holdings LTD, 120 Sayers Ave., $60,000

Robert O. Ward and Carolyn J. Ward to Francis M. Hojnacke and Lynne L. Hojnacke, 132 Fulton St., $76,900

Gregory Archer to Joseph M. Proper, 164 Bent Willow Drive, $144,300

PMRP Partners Ohio General Partnership LLC to Valvoline LLC, Youngstown Warren Road, $575,000

Sally Ann Myers to Brad A. Russo, 261 Robbins Ave., $30,000

Brad A. Russo to SJA Family Limited Partnership, 261 Robbins Ave., $43,500

Michael E. Wilson to Southwind Property Solutions LLC, 10 Hyde St., $21,000

Jennifer L. Middleton to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 39 Belmont Ave., $105,000

M Walker Investments LLC to Zachary Sharpnack, 104 Lafayette Ave., $106,000

David Killen Jr. to Jerry Caicco, 129 Brentwood Blvd., $100,000


David A. Kirkland and Cindy M. Miller to Ragine E. Baugher and Robert L. Baugher, 3548 County Line Turnpike Road, $110,000

Frederick Charles Fulton and Mary B. Fulton to Dale L. McDaniel, Parkman Road, $40,000


Garry DeFrance to Derek A. Ripple and Patricia A. Gill, 839 Sodom Hutchings Road, $120,000

Ravog Property Management LLC to Alexandru Horatiu Deva, Smith Stewart Road, $32,000

Douglas A. Emery and Melissa A. Emery to Daniel Allen Nelson, 1560 Youngtown Kingsville Road, $100,000


Tymark Properties Inc Ohio Corp to Jonail LLC, 1104 Harrison Ave., $25,000

Tina Reese to Floyd W. McClung Jr., 877 Trumbull Ave., $89,500

Renton Renovations LLC to Ehlimana Palumbo, 1257 Willard Ave., $99,500

Randy DeMoss to Kenneth R. Ruble, 3838 Kibler Toot Road, $260,000

Nathan C. Elliott and Leah M. Elliott to Alex J. Perez Ortiz and Genesis J. Vargas Ortiz, 3214 Aris St., $85,000

Gary Joseph Walczack to Brian S. Harr, 4180 W. Market St., $94,500

Duane Lebens to Emmett Street LLC, 715 Ohio St., $98,000

Lindy M. Good to Fortune USA LLC, 607 Kinsman St., $73,000

Anthony Stubbs to Grace Works LLC, 2106 Northwest Boulevard, $20,000

Jeffrey B. Schomer to Danielle Stewart, 433 Perkinswood Boulevard, $87,000

David Neff and Tyler Neff to Luz C. Laskar, 865 Summit St., $42,500

CBW Enterprises LLC to DTH Resources LLC, 1209 McKinley Ave., $34,000

Ronald L. Eakins Jr. to Robert Montgomery and Lynn Montgomery, 3994 Greenmont Drive, $206,000

Bryan R. Campbell to Winter Glass LLC, 1225 Kenmore Ave., $53,000

Richard E. Blair to Daniel A. Prince, 1380 Maplewood St., $78,000

Michael E. Medlen to Jimmie Brown, 3825 North Park Ave., $215,000

United Way of Trumbull County to KAP Leasing LTD, 3601 Youngstown Road, $60,000

Farid Mechdoud to Michael Chuirazzi and Nicholas Churirazzi, 3230 Randolph St., $80,000

Marsha L. Johnson to Austin Gayhart, 181 Kenmore Ave., $133,000


Denise Coquillette to Alison M. Turner, 2991 Anderson Morris Road, $230,000

Michael A. Scott to H. Gilson Blair, 1701 Stillwagon Road, $177,000

Betty L. Bailey to Eric Reynolds and Christina Webb, 1378 Deforest Ave., $102,000

Timothy Sears to Robert Bowman and Jamie Bowman, 2555 Poplar St., $95,000


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