Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County July 12-16:


Casey Earth LLC to Casey Earth LLC, 2439 state Route 5, $30,000


Judy B. Van Reenan and Rose A. Petro to SLW Development LLC, state Route 5, $265,000

Betty A. Schilling to Frank Collins and Stacy Collins, 228 Arlington, $35,000


Cheryl L. Scott to Allen A. Miller and Mary S. Miller, 6778 Oakfield North, $300,000


Joseph A. Gentile to Roseann Sereday, 7223 Brookwood, $100,000

Deborah J. Sees to Daniel J. McCaskey and Joseph C. McCaskey, 1321 Stevenson, $102,000


David C. Nasonti to Melissa A. Palmer, 2344 Clearview, $70,000

Rex D. Fee and Michael P. Fee to James L. Lucas, 137 State, $119,000

Renee L. Meadows to Mahlon N. Byler and Rachel Sue Byler, 2069 State, $240,000


Rodney G. Mullins and Valerie Mullins to Jason Thomas and Jeanette Thomas, 657 Cedar Circle, $275,000

Martin J. Thomas to Joshua G. Vastag and Casey L. Vastag, 400 Greenbriar Drive, $250,000

Doris J. Lines to Andrew Patrick and Constance Patrick, 33 Anthony Circle, $220,000

Anita Balentine to Carol E. Burnfield, 124 Woodland Trace, $124,500


Susan J. Morrison to Patrick Petrella, 3784 Youngstown Kingsville Road, $132,500


Wayne R. Evans Jr. to Michael R. Kovac, 252 Hazel, $89,000

Kevin Testa and Nicholas Cupan to Shanon Swegan, Howard, $131,575

Mark E. Cole to Javier Garcia, 64 Emma, $43,000


Richard D. Plott and Maria N. Plott to Brent Anthony Hyde and Stephanie Ann Hyde, 9088 Howland Springs Road, $245,000

Patricia J. Candelmo to Ethan W. Kessel and Sienna T. Kessel, 8804 Sherwood, $229,500

MJP 248 LLC to TM Pokabla DPM LLC, 248 state Route 46, $200,000

Mark A. Rowbottom and Barbara E. Rowbottom to Corri E. Seman and Joseph E. Seman, 8943 Stetson, $138,000

Clifford L. Moffett to Stephanie A. Devadan, 444 Laurelwood, $210,000

David C. Neff and Lynne R. Neff to John Allen Kelley and Sandra Jane Kelley, 2821 Orchard, $32,000

TM Pokabla DPM LLC to The Real Estate Inc, 248 state Route 46, $173,347

Richard J. Rose and Deborah L. Rose to James J. Ginter and Andrea D. Ginter, 9543 Hawks Landing, $566,000

Denise M. Terzigni to Salvatore Alessandro Coppola, 9071 Inverrary Drive, $235,000

Lisa W. Kennedy to Clifford Moffett, 206 Paulo Drive, $160,000

Marilyn A. Snyder to Amy L. Lendak and Carl B. Patterson II, 7883 Glen Oaks, $215,000

Patte Robinson to Alexis Marie Swisher, 779 Rosegarden, $100,000


Jason Riffle and Tiffany A. Riffle to Luke M. Zajac and Lynette Von Husen, Hubbard Bedford, $800,000

Kade M. Swartz and Kalie D. Davis to Polly A. Davis, 31 Parish, $188,000

Jennifer Lynn Merck to Richard J. Allison and Meagan L. Allison, 343 Elmwood, $133,500

Casey M. Rupp to Scott D. Criddle and Amanda M. Criddle, 6000 Mount Everett, $156,200

David Lowry and Rose Marie Lowry to Butchr Hollr LLC Rose Marie Lowry, 877 E. Liberty, $45,000

Donald W. Snyder to Bradley W. Mantzel and Tracy E. Mantzel, 8212 E. Liberty, $160,000

Christine A. Spadin and Tami S. Burnside to Timothy R. Baum, 7636 Connelly, $120,000


Robert L. Phillips to William P. Bush, 8110 state Route 5, $100,500


EAG Angela Marie Grymberg to Shawn Richard Shriver and Laura Nichole Shriver, 6302 Sodom Hutchings, $100,000

Darlene Jones and Stanley J. Jones to Calob Falgout, 5014 Logan Arms, $215,000

Arlene J. Dombrosky to Weem LLC, 224 Trumbull, $80,000


Gerald E. Denno III and Crystal McClintock to Denise L. Keeney, 6250 Highland, $217,500


Gretchen Turnbaugh to Thomas M. Colarich Jr. and Heidi L. Colarich, 642 Indiana, $82,500


Vincent J. Digiacobbe to Garett L. Freeman and Jennifer Freeman, 7000 state Route 46, $260,000


Mark S. Dinishak to Landstar Management LTD, 8676 state Route 534, $60,000


Cleveland R. Worley and Betty J. Worley to Sydney L. Negro, 2735 Newton Falls Tomlinson, $204,900


136 Victor LLC to Bruce E. Hoag, Trisha M. Lester, 136 Victor, $25,000

Christopher L. Cline and Ashley L. Cline to Brandon L. Davis, 556 Dakota, $54,750

Lee R. Hanshaw Jr. and Amanda L. Stout to Kenneth F. Stout and Amanda L. Stout, 111 Russell, $94,000

Lynch Investments LTD to Melissa A. Palmer, 226 West Park, $74,000

Dennis E. Neininger II to Ruby Land LLC, 608 Scott, $21,100

Equity Trust Company Custodian to Warren Farley, 517 Peffer, $42,000

Maegan A. Murphy to Spencer J. Morris, 813 Sullivan, $80,000


Eric Scott Postlethwait and Brianna N. Postlethwait to Katelin Michelle Tipton and Lyle B. Tipton, 2187 Barclay Messerly Road, $230,000


Richard Killing and Mary Ann Killing to Elliott M. Marsh and Bailey J. Ingham, 1186 Henn Hyde, $160,000

Roger E. Wright to Christopher A. Russell Jr., 4258 Glenwood, $125,000


Justin Michael Ross to Christopher Zucco, 164 Eastland, $160,000

William H. Silker and Arlene F. Silker to Katherine Landry and Jacob Zillinger, 412 Belvedere, $117,000

Dianne Rapone and Raymond Polinko to Tyler J. Gadzalski, 1626 Arthur, $115,000

Shelby Smith to Maurico Moz and Ada M. Moz, 245 Bonnie Brae, $75,000

Christopher Shape and Shari L. Harrell to James Campbell, 723 Genesee, $192,000

Carey A. Westenkirchner to Phillip J. Mancino, 1447 Denjean, $165,000

Anthony J. Palmisano IV to Johnathan Ruple, 738 Roselawn, $110,000

Warren Woods Estates to Warren Mobile Home Park LLC, 180 North River Road, $600,000

Nicholas E. Kotsatos to Shawna Manago, Oak Knoll, $215,000

Scott A. Moore and Melissa S. Moore to Robert Furda and Cynthia Wyckoff, 586 Atlantic, $28,500

CJC Property Estates LLC to D&W Property Estates LLC, 1197 Francis, $35,000

Diane Lee Wittik to Jonathan See, 187 Trumbull, $115,000

Martha J. Burger to Ryan A. Lemasters and Abigail N. Seckel, Knox, $135,000

Chad William Mitchell to Longino Candelaria, 2621 Brier, $23,000

David Conrad to Green Aesthetic LLC, 607 Woodbine, $30,000

Louis D. Sullivan to Denise M. Terzigni, 1307 Surrey Pointe Drive, $155,500

Selena A. Gallagher to Rachael R. Brown, 8321 Kenmore, $130,000

Timothy F. Gargas and Janice A. Gargas to Lynn Marie Yeager, 1114 Hollywood, $30,000


Dennis O. Garris and Malinda J. Garris to Nicholas A. Boyer and Miranda L. Boyer, 1634 W. Park, $35,000

Carey A. Westenkirchner to Phillip J. Mancino, 1447 Denjean, $165,000

Richard S. Check to Harry G. Baumgartner, 2169 Salt Springs, $54,500

Shannon Swegan to Kindra M. Cusick, 1511 W. Park, $137,000

Douglas P. White and Genevieve A. White to Jae Sung Choi, Morris Lane, $35,000


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