Trumbull County courts: Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses granted in Trumbull County April 12-23:

Madeline A. Hanzes, 27, Warren, and Richard M. Slates, 31, Warren

Jonathan R. Creed, 24, Warren, and Chantel C. Bahn, 23, Warren

Manuel E. V. Padilla, 26, Columbiana, and McKenzie N. Learn, 24, Hubbard

Jordan K. Purdie, 37, Masury, and Alyssa N. Sikora, 27, Masury

Bruce A. Clark, 22, Girard, and Hannah A. Shaffer,19, Girard

Meghan E. Brown, 22, Cortland, and Brett L. Sutton, 26, Cortland

Darlene A. Jewell, 31, Fowler, and Jeffrey D. Maloy Jr., 33, Fowler

Samuel W. Byler, 23, Middlefield, and Virginia M. Troyer, 21, Middlefield

Daniel P. Good, 30, Hubbard, and Julia L. Reynolds, 27, Youngstown

Oyidiya A. Osoka, 33, Vienna, and Medua C. Mordi, 48, Vienna

Meghan M. Lidington, 41, Niles, and Brandon L. Zachery, 26, Niles

Christopher M. Gawne, 40, Cortland, and Joni C. Mosatalla, 40, Cortland

Brandy N. Clover, 33,Warren, and Timothy R. Harrington, 33, Warren

Cozette Hall, 50, Warren, and Louis J. Mensah, 37, Warren

Jonathan W. Byler, 32, Middlefield and Elvesta E. Stoltzfus, 30, Middlefield

Kennadi D. Garasich, 25, Girard, and Zachary C. Garasich, 25, Girard

Chalsie E. Poling, 29, Girard, and Dennis J. Riggleman, 35, Girard

Jessica M. Hoffart, 37, Warren, and Michael F. Danko, 40, Warren

Dale J. Frye, 27, Niles, and Sarah E. Gleason, 29, Jefferson

Kaitlyn N. Philhower, 24, Southington, and Anthony M. Carpenter, 27, Southington

Rebekah E. Griffiths , 40, Niles, and Eulace S. Rhoten III, 41, Niles

Cory S. Louis, 27, Warren, and Kaitlyn A. Varner, 23, Warren

Demetra P. Panteloukas, 28, Warren, and Gus S. Vournous, 34, Warren

Robert R. Connell Jr., 53, Kinsman, and Adrienne M. Lancaster, 48, Kinsman

Michael R. Bassett, 34, Niles, and Cieleste K. Tauro, 31, Niles

Michael P. Kelly, 31, Niles, and Danielle M. Glunt, 29, Niles

Andre B. Little, 53, Warren, and Alicia Y. Sheridan, 42, Warren

Monica L. Jones, 41, New Castle, Pa., and John P. Hughes, 57, New Castle, Pa.

Adam W. Duncan, 53, Bristolville, and Melissa M. Telles, 42, Bristolville

Addam H. Stainbrook, 36, Masury, and Amber N. Collar, 26, Masury

Gina M. Camelli, 50, Youngstown, and Michael L. Vacha, 42, Eastlake

Jaclin M. Baker, 23, Warren, and Shashanka M. Gomez, 25, Boston, Mass.

Heather M. Buck, 30, Warren, and Eric M. Hermsdorfer, 38, Warren

Allen W. Byler, 20, Middlefield, and Irene A. Miller, 22, Middlefield

Madalyn L. Hopkins, 23, Youngstown, and Daniel A. Paul, 25, Youngstown

Nathan S. Hanson, 26, Cortland, and Emily R. Bednar, 26, Cortland

Cameron C. Creech, 26, Warren, and Kiera J. Cusimano, 23, Warren

Michael P. Games, 43, Warren, and Kelly A. Kantola, 48, Conneaut

Alexis N. Loveless, 22, Warren, and Edwin D. Crowder Jr., 20, Warren

Ryan C. Moyer, 40, Niles, and Diana E. Hafely, 45, Niles

Marcy L. Driggers, 56, Massillon, and Jeffery A. Sagstetter, 57, Girard

Shannon L. Fisher, 40, Warren, and Thomas Bielawski, 58, Youngstown

Mariah A. Wilson, 25, Warren, and Jeremy R. Snell, 28, Warren

Tiffani M. Miller, 32, Warren, and Christopher L. Gavin, 32, Warren

Michael A. Minnillo Jr., 27, Newton Falls, and Amanda C. Leigh, 27, Newton Falls

Sarah G. Houston, 33, Girard, and Gabriel M. Gordon, 37, Girard

Christen D. Johnston, 34, Warren, and David B. Hubbard, 37, Warren


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