Gary Steinbeck chosen to fill Warren council at-Large seat

Staff photo / Ashley Fox Gary Steinbeck gives a speech Saturday morning after he was named the new at-Large councilman in Warren. Steinbeck will replace Eddie Colbert, who was named the city’s safety service director earlier this month.

WARREN — Gary Steinbeck has been named the new at-Large councilman for Warren, securing the majority vote of the Democratic Party precinct committee members Saturday morning.

“I am proud and honored to have this opportunity,” Steinbeck said after the win was announced. “I appreciate everybody that came out here today. Precinct committee people, thank you so much because you made it happen for me today, and I’ll never forget it.”

Steinbeck received 12 votes, while 5th Ward Councilman Ken MacPherson took five and D’Andre Bowers and Dan Aulizia had one vote each. Susan Hartman, a former 7th Ward councilwoman, also applied for the seat but did not receive any votes.

Edward Killingsworth Jr. and former councilman Eugene Mach also applied for the position, but did not attend Saturday’s meeting, which was held at at Enzo’s in Warren.

Steinbeck, a Democrat, needed to secure 11 votes to win.

“Gary is a former president of (the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations), who’s been very involved in political campaigns,” said state Rep. Michael J. O’Brien, D-Warren, who attended. “Gary Steinbeck is a household name. Everyone knows him.”

During his acceptance speech, Steinbeck pledged to continue to work hard, as he has done his entire adult life, “to do everything I can do, to help this city to continue on the path it’s on.”

A vacancy in the city’s at-Large seat came after former at-Large Councilman Eddie Colbert was named Warren’s safety service director.

Jim Graham, president of council, said he is happy to see Steinbeck joining the group. “I’m glad he’s on council. I think he’s going to be a huge benefit to council for his experiences as a steelworker representative.”

Steinbeck will finish the rest of Colbert’s term, which Graham said will expire at the end of 2021.

Steinbeck, a retiree of the United Steel Workers union, said he is very excited about the progress Warren has been making, especially with the downtown area.

“As a retiree of the United Steel Workers, I have the time to make this committment,” Steinbeck said. “I’m intrigued by politics and have a passion for Warren. I love this town, and I feel I can bring a lot to the table with my background and experience.”