Auto Parkit owner misses tax deadline

WARREN — A businessman who owns the former Delphi and Packard Electric buildings defaulted on a contract payment plan for back-owed property taxes and missed the due date to pay current taxes, Trumbull County Treasurer Sam Lamancusa said.

Five parcels of property owned by Christopher Alan’s company, Raiders Trading Limited LLC, and one owned by Dorian Capital Investment Inc. are delinquent in taxes, treasurer’s records show.

Raiders Trading Limited, which owns 408 Dana St., the former Packard plant, owes a total of $288,512 to the county treasurer; of that, $276,921 is delinquent and the rest is for taxes owed this cycle.

Alan is developing several properties on Dana Street into a manufacturing space and engineering offices for Auto Parkit, a division of his California-based company Dasher Lawless, which creates automated parking systems.

Dorian Capital Investment, which owns 650 Griswold, the former Delphi factory, owes $122,127 to the county; of the balance, $113,470 is delinquent.

The majority of the delinquent taxes are from the former factory properties. When Alan’s companies purchased the properties through Maximus III Properties during bankruptcy proceedings in 2018, he agreed to pay the back taxes owed on the properties.

In October 2019, Dorian Capital owed $111,694 on the Griswold property and Raider Trading owed $280,187 on the Dana property.

Lamancusa said that due to “current world situations” his office is working with Alan’s companies and other taxpayers who have defaulted on contract plans.

“We are requesting payment of current taxes until things turn around and they can be placed back into contracts. Penalties and interest are being charged on unpaid balances,” Lamancusa said.

Lamancusa said Raiders made payments on current taxes for three parcels in April and is expected to pay the current taxes on the other two parcels this month.

When asked how long people will be given accommodations on payments because of the pandemic, Lamancusa said he hasn’t set anything in stone, but “most likely through this calendar year tax cycle.”

In October, Alan said $39 million in projects for Auto Parkit were postponed because of the pandemic, but he was hopeful the projects would pick back up this year. He said he expected to complete a compound on Dana Street within six years with an investment of $40 million. An email was sent to a media representative of Alan’s company.

Part of Dana Street, at the North Park entrance, has been closed to traffic at Alan’s request since at least 2017.



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