Election letters to the editor

Trump will rid  politics as usual


What kind of a person would vote for Hillary Clinton? I believe it’s someone who wants the corruption in Washington to continue; or only those with their head in the sand.

Donald Trump at least gives us a chance to rid our nation of politics as usual. Why would anyone not give him a chance?

Every one of his positions on issues is in line with protecting our country. We need to get back to protecting the First and Second amendments. He will bring back jobs, will ban immigrants until they are properly screened, will keep our Supreme Court honest, will build up and respect the military and much more. What’s wrong with this?

The Clintons are only out for themselves while making fortunes for their foundation.



If Hillary wins, America loses


I have displayed in our yard a Trump-Pence sign and will be voting for him with enthusiasm. Trump represents the “hope and change” that we were supposed to experience eight years ago that never transpired. Trump has said and done things I don’t approve of; however, Hillary has done far worse, while serving in high-powered government positions. Comparatively, Trump stands above Hillary with her lies and deceitful nature. Can we be sure of what we’ll get with Trump as president? No, we can never be sure; however, we do know that Hillary will pick up where Obama finishes, and we have no idea yet where that will be. He has until the end of the year to “transform America” to his liking, not ours.

Hillary is a polished politician who knows how to dodge questions that she can’t or won’t answer. She is a leftist, progressive liberal who has accomplished nothing but chaos in the positions that she has held. In my opinion, she cares neither about the people nor the country. She is interested in money she can amass and  power that goes with it.

To America’s women, “wake up.” She is not interested in you, only your vote. It is important to some women to elect a female president that they would actually settle for her. She is so arrogant, dishonest and corrupt. My choice would be a woman with integrity, high intellect and one who exudes class. There are such women, but Hillary is not the one.

This country is in dire straits and needs someone with intestinal fortitude to fight for us. At this time, that person is Donald Trump, like him or not. Hillary is part of the establishment who helped to create the many problems that we are facing. Trump is not. Trump has helped many people, but the national leftist progressive liberal media will never share that. Do your homework and quit depending on late night shows, liberal journalists and TV newscasters to do your thinking.

Read about Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton regarding Hillary’s e-mails. Read why Comey didn’t charge Hillary. Read about the Veritas Project and the Benghazi debacle. Do you understand “One World Order” and Globalism? What about “Safe Zones” regarding refugees. Read the WikiLeaks statements that exposed Hillary and the DNC just as Trump has done. Trump has exposed the establishment’s failure to protect this country and how it is disconnected with the American people. If Hillary wins, America loses.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone would vote for someone as unethical and disreputable as this Democrat candidate.



Trump actions       can’t be defended


After watching the vice presidential debate, I guarantee you Mike Pence is glad he is not like Pinocchio because his nose would be too long for him to use revolving doors.

Now that his son is a Marine, I wonder if he regrets his votes against veterans. I know that neither he nor Sen. Rob Portman ever qualified for a Profile in Courage award for standing up against the party when they attacked veterans’ benefits. I saw the height of hypocrisy when Portman showed his face in Warren as a disabled veteran was being honored.

Yes, he, Pence and their party took $15.5 billion from the DAV appropriation to pay for highway pork. Then they declared that a veteran would not be entitled to a government marker. I, personally, talked to a funeral director from Niles and one from Warren, and they both said they could lie and get a marker from the VA. I’m glad that when Democrats took over, they hired the man from the circus who cleans up after the elephants.

The worst was yet to come. Donald Trump called the mayor of New York City to remove the people from in front of his tower because it was a distraction from his beautiful building. The mayor responded that these people were disabled veterans selling pencils — a fact that Trump already knew.

Defend that.



Clinton story sounds like trashy novel


Politicians call it justifiable crime.

Hillary Clinton and most politicians can commit crimes and not be held accountable. It works for THEM and not for US.

This is because they are lawyers and know how to get around everything.

Eighteen years ago, Bill Clinton was charged with perjury, paid the price, and was impeached. Hillary was found to have lied not only to us but to Congress.

She said she had one email server, but it turns out she had several.

It has now been confirmed by the FBI that she used software called “bleach bit” to clean her servers and her emails are not retrievable. Two questions the FBI should have asked, but never did were: “Why she did not turn her emails over the day after she left being the Secretary of State,” which is required under law, and “Why did she keep them for 1 1/2 years, only to delete them right after she was asked to turn them over to the FBI” proving it was ‘intent and deceit.’

Will they charge her with perjury?

Hillary Clinton is outraged at Mylan, the company that makes the Epi-Pen, for charging $600 for the medicine. Does anyone know Mylan gave millions to the Clinton foundation? She has also accepted donations from five Middle Eastern countries. At least 43 people have died just knowing the Clintons in their lifetime business associations. She wants the U.S. to be like Australia, turning in guns while Hillary has a 10-foot wall guarding her estate.

I have been watching her struggle to climb stairs; to me she is not physically or metally fit to work a 16- to 20-hour day. She now takes several naps and the weekends off.

If she gets back into the White House, will they steal again?

Hillary said when they left the White House, they were dead broke; they had only $12 million dollars.

The general accounting office said when the Clintons left Washington, in 2001, they left Washington worse than a college dorm. They stole $190,000 in goods and did $15,000 in damage.

They disgraced themselves and the office.

Uma Abedin, the Clintons’ confidant and her husband, then-Rep. Anthony Weiner, famous for posting nude photos on the Internet, said it was not true.

No prosecution was ever carried out. They returned most of the goods.

This sounds like a trashy novel, and this is what you will get if you vote for Hillary Clinton.

How does a politician get convicted of anything in today’s world? Why would anyone want to vote for her?



Hillary needs firing


I want a president that: (1) Secures our borders. (2) Bans abortions. (3) Restores prayer to the public schools. (4) Gets rid of loopholes that the wealthy use to off-shore money. (5) Upgrades our infrastructure.

Hillary needs fired, not hired. Eight top secrets, wow! A sorry excuse for president. Too many mistakes.

Also, I would have been flattered if a good-looking businessman made a pass at me.



Put God into      control of country


So let me get this straight. Donald Trump said things about women. Donald Trump allegedly played the feel me up game with women 11 years ago.

Ok, is this wrong?  Yes.

Are people trying to say there is not a single woman in this world that has not said anything wrong about any man ever? No remarks about a man being a pig or lazy, or a useless father, or underperforming or anything derogatory. The point is none of this has came out until now. People need to stick to the problems in this country. Stick to the issues and stop playing the blame game. There is a verse in the Bible that says “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” If people would put God back into control of this country then God would heel this country. Start living the way God wants everybody to live. People are turning this country into another Sodom and Gomorrah, and a lot of us that know what God did to those cities he destroyed them.

The warning signs are around us start heeding God’s warnings.



Question what parties, candidates represent


A mother wrote an article on the praise of her 10-year-old daughter and her opinion on the election. The daughter was upset about the remarks Donald Trump made about women. I agree he has made some stupid remarks, but he apologized for them. All voters should educate themselves on what both parties stand for.

Democrats were for slavery, started the KKK. Planned Parenthood was set up by Democrat Margaret Sanger to eliminate the black race. There has been more death from abortion since 1973 than death from heart disease, diabetes, HIV and all the soldiers killed in the Vietnam war.

Hillary Clinton is for a one world government, which would lead our country into a communist society. Not so nice for anyone! One’s opinion means nothing. It is the truth that stands firm.



Who are we       trusting?


Wake up America! This election is a spiritual battle of good versus evil; God versus Satan.

God is fed up and very angry with America. Abortion is running rampant with women using this as a form of birth control. God plants a baby in a woman’s womb and she and her Doctor rip it out and throw it back at him.

We are now minting coins that no longer say “In God We Trust.”

Just who are we trusting in? Surely it’s not man, for he will let you down every time. God is pulling his hand back and away from America; when he is gone, all hell will break loose.

Donald Trump is not perfect, but he is the lesser of two evils.

He will appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn Roe v. Wade. Plus, our constitution, as we know it, is in grave danger. Your right to be permitted and carry a gun to protect yourself will be a thing of the past. The honest person will no longer have a weapon to hunt and protect. The only guns will be used by criminals and thugs. They will have illegal weapons, and innocents will be at their mercy with no protection. The only protection will be our police, already overworked, underpaid and disrespected.

Neither the Republicans not the Democrats want Donald Trump in Washington for a high percent of them are corrupt and ruled by special interest groups. Trump isn’t a smooth-tongued orator like most politicians, Hillary included.

Hillary has been at this for so long, she knows just what to say at just the right moment. This is all uncharted territory for Trump, and most of the time he says the wrong thing at the right moment. Therefore, most of his statements are used against him. Trump is right, our America as we once knew it is going down a slippery slope. It’s only going to get worse; we’ll have four more years of giveaway programs and poor health insurance (Obamacare). We now have about half the population working to support the other half. Drugs are running rampant, crossing our borders with overdoses common everyday.

America is bleeding out. We need to stop the hemorrhaging!

Revelations in the Bible says the Lord is coming back again. If Hillary gets into office, you will know Jesus’ return is at hand. God isn’t going to put up with much more of the degradation that’s going on today! If Trump would get into office, and something were to happen to him, at least we know his running mate, Mike Pence, is an honest, moral, Christian man. In Hillary’s case, Kaine would be just more of the same.



Democratic party    not the same


Every time I hear Hillary Clinton bragging about how she’s the champion of women and children, I have to laugh.

Ad after ad shows her interacting with children.

For some reason, the millions of babies that have been aborted over the last 43 years don’t matter.

How many girls and women have been encouraged to end a life and have lived to regret it.

Gov. Mike Pence stated his state has many programs to encourage women to allow adoption instead of abortion. He states that his state has the lowest rate of abortions and the highest rate of adoptions in the country.

Many couples who would love to have children and be great parents never get the chance.

It’s not easy to adopt babies in this country.

After all these years as a registered Democrat I will never back any national candidates because of their platform.

The Democratic party of my youth is long gone!



Heading toward socialist society


I believe many people are confused and dazed by the events of the past eight years and are asking the questions “how did we get here?” or “what is happening to our country?”

There is a fallacy that is in the Democratic Party. The President told us prior to his first election he was fundamentally going to change this country. This change is from the political and economic system of capitalism (upon which this country is built) to Democratic Socialism with its many shortfalls, short comings and problems.

This is the fallacy of the so-called Democratic party. This traditional party no longer exists in this country because it has moved to the far left.

The correct name is the Democratic Socialist party, but this is not used by Democrats because of the stigma of the word socialist. If you vote for a Democrat in this election, you are voting for a Democratic Socialist.

What is Democratic Socialism? It is government regulation and control of the economy and the private sector with the goal of redistributing income and wealth.

Democratic socialism, which we associate with welfare or the entitlement state, will not work. Given all the “free stuff,” would you get up and go to work on Monday morning?

Many would not make the effort, which means no production of goods and services and no wealth created.

Democratic Socialism created limited wealth and any society based on it will fail. As Margaret Thatcher, the late and great Prime Minister of Great Britain said, “Socialism will fail when it runs out of other people’s money.”

This creates a classless or one class society dependent on and controlled by the state or government. We, as individuals will become no more than the robots or drones which serve us, like a colony of bees, busily going about our work upon which the entire system is based.

The top class (less than one percent) make up the elite, the rulers or controllers whose job, to hold the system together is based on how they make it work, as their existence and success depend on it; a state of despotism or totalitarianism.

Is this the American dream? Is this the society you want to pass on to your children?



Choose prayerfully


Do you really think the Democrats are shocked at Mr. Trump’s past “trash talk?” I thought one’s personal morality had nothing to do with performing the job in the White House. Wasn’t that the argument for Bill Clinton, whose sexual escapades were all but excused away? When facing impeachment, the Clinton machine made chief counsel Ken Starr look like a fool for even suggesting Bill’s salacious activity was a problem.

What’s the big deal now? Is there any doubt that Hillary uses “trash talk,” along with others presently heading the government? There’s no doubt if Bill were running, he would win by a landslide! (I wonder which Clinton is really the candidate.) The “vulgarity tapes” are actually an attempt to cover up Mrs. Clinton’s corrupt and illegal activities which will characterize her presidency; this can only further divide and destroy a once-great nation! Trump has no such connection to governmental corruption, but certainly has his own personal problems. Obviously, he’s a sinner like the rest of us, but despite his imperfections, he may be the president we need at this critical time in our national history.

Unfortunately, we have lost almost three generations to secular (anti-Christian) humanism, resulting from the basic rejection of the Bible as the manual of personal and public life. In the 1960s, one atheist, Madelyn O’Hare, was successful in removing the Scriptures and prayer from our schools, etc. fostering the philosophy that we can just do “what is right in our own eyes” (Judges 21:25). That has contributed to the horrendous rise in crime, along with an ever-increasing barrage of illicit sex and violence produced by Hollywood-which by and large supports Hillary. Is that a double standard, or what?

We are candidates for Divine intervention, neither candidate can save our nation. But anyone voting for a corrupt and incessant liar for president needs to weigh the facts and examine their conscience. After all, elected leaders reflect the character and intentions of the voters. Let’s choose carefully and prayerfully at the election booth, for America, as many of us have known it, may prove to be but a memory.