Local student athletes excel despite crisis


COVID-19 has presented difficulties for all of us in one way or another. All local students have endured a very challenging school year so far. To be sure, obstacles have been especially great for student-athletes, beginning months ago with athletic training camps when no one was even ...

Examining key Valley races

David Skolnick

Many of the races in the Mahoning Valley went under the radar this election because the presidency, as it does every four years, took center stage. But there are two races — one each in Mahoning and Trumbull counties — that I want to dive deeper here. The Trumbull County race had ...

Impending virus vaccine big part of life-saving plan


President-elect Joe Biden is correct in making the COVID-19 epidemic a top priority. His strategy likely will be much different than that of incumbent President Donald Trump. Limiting the coronavirus’ spread and treating those infected by it have had to be the Trump administration’s ...

Divided nation must unite and salute veterans


How fortuitous it is that this week, while the attention of millions of Americans seems focused on controversy, we take time to honor those about whom we are in complete agreement: veterans of military service. No matter how we view politics, we are united in revering the men and women who ...

Today, also salute ‘citizen soldiers’


We call them “citizen soldiers” because for most of the year, they are not in uniform but instead, among us at our workplaces, schools and elsewhere in our society. But this year, many are on the front lines of a war being fought not with firearms and other implements of combat, but with ...

Consider global coalition to stop serious cybercrime


Federal officials recently warned of an evolving dangerous class of hackers — freelancers willing to kill for money. The warning came about a new wave of online extortion attempts directed at hospitals and other health care facilities. Their technique is simplicity itself: Hack into a ...