Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County July 19-23:


John David James to Angele T. Zolna, 3369 Eagles Loft, $115,900

Thomas L. Nehlen and Deborah A. Nehlen to Gloria Lou Edwards and Charles A. Edwards, 3370 Hoagland Blackstub, $275,000

Shirley M. Barbe-Divencenzo to Martha J. Burger, 3309 Trapper Trail Unit C, $100,000

Patricia Loree and Sandra Lee Loree to Windsor Road Land LLC, 3541 Hoagland Blackstub, $700,000

M Walker Investments LLC to Ryan Williams and Ashley Williams, 3007 Beaver Trail, $245,000

Robert J. Stanko to Jac R. Boyle, 3306 Trappers Trail Unit C, $105,000

John Jackson to Lisiane S. Kley, 3396 Eagles Loft Unit C, $98,000

S L Anderson to Robert Peyatt, 2972 Ivy Hill Circle Unit E, $55,000

Marilyn L. White to Joseph Mangine, 1280 Sterling, $165,000

Robert L. Smith and Lynn M. Wallace to Nicholas R. Gudz, 2972 Ivy Hill Circle Unit D, $68,000


Richard W. Warren and Tammie L. Warren to LeRoy L. Yoder and Kristina D. Yoder, 9620 Creaser Ashtabula, $175,000


Joan M. Humphrey and Joel A. Ricci to Michael J. Palumbo and Lisa M. Palumbo, 7757 Addison, $130,000

Larry A. Fisher to PNC Bank National Association, 1155 A, $31,000


Jerald A. Wishart to Starling Morris and Cheryl Morris, Braceville Robinson Road, $40,000

Lawrence Liege Winans to Jodie Soloman, 1951 Anderson Anthony, $225,000

Patrick Whitmore and Laura R. Whitmore to David Davis and April Grandinette Davis, Barclay Messerly, $335,000


Melbern Byler to Briana Nichole Postlethwait, 1858 Bristol Champion Townline, $227,000


RLP Rentals LLC to Andrew S. Reynolds, 249 Folsom, $640,000

Thomas O. Crump and Louise E. Crump to Rodney Mayle and Marco Abruzzi, Prentice Road, $25,000

Bert James Amoline and Angela Nicole Amoline to Derek E. Backherms, 5737 Louise, $142,000

Randall D. Sampson and Lynette E. Sampson to Jeremy L. Lapmarado and Crystal D. Lapmardo, 196 Champion, $85,000

Gail A. Gautschi to David Wayne Shilling and Debbie Ann Shilling, 136 State, $147,000


Scott C. Taylor and Diane G. Taylor to Shane M. Mealy and Sandra F. Mealy, 121 Beechwood Drive, $280,000

Brock T. Elsea to Matthew Schultz and Mary Schultz, 185 Heritage Lane, $215,000

Edward Ray and Sandra L. Anderson to Scott D. Anderson, 337 Greenbriar, $140,000


B&M Framing LLC to Stephen S. Stoltzfus and Mary L. Stoltzfus, Second, $150,000


Douglas W. Hall and Erika Hall to Lisa A. Appell, 4322 Ridge Road, $235,000

Salman Investments LLC to Adam J. Fox and Roni D. Fox, 3954 Ridge, $225,000

Jeffrey W. Cline to Bruce Godleski and Jane Godleski, 3699 Everett Hull, $237,000


Lon M. Levin and Diana E. Levin to Cora Fisher, 911 Washington, $95,317

Sean K. Simon and Ashley E. Simon to Brian T. Jackson and Aaliyah Chilton, 253 Kline, $121,000

Stephen G. Zubyk and Mary M. Adams to Michael D, Evans, $93,800

John Thomas Marsh to Amber Mazurkiewica, 256 Hazel, $69,000


Gregory and Suzanne B. Miller Hogue to Eric T. Ady and Elizabeth R. Ady, 4610 Bloomfield Kinsman Road, $283,000

Randall P. Roscoe and Daniel M. Roscoe to Jerre L. Riggle and Marilyn A. Riggle, 3152 Hoffman Circle, $181,900


TMSS Holdings LLC to Mayhew Property Holding LLC, 389 Niles Cortland, $290,000

Diane M. Yount and Darrin T. Yount to Dianna J. Koza, 9679 Cain, $250,000

Robert Crytzer and Dennis Crytzer to Stephan W. Sakska Jr., 3929 Boston, $78,000

Paul David Salen and Eileen B. Salen to Vicky L. Oakley, 8865 South St., $555,000

Vicky L. Oakley to Amine Abdul Aal and Hanadi Abdul Aal, 8865 South St., $555,000

Robert Bucklin to Terry Mark Shorts and Karen Wohlfarth Shorts, 1054 Palette, $236,000

Jeffrey P. Alberini and Kristen M. Alberini to Nicole Mascari Flynn, 7911 Brookwood, $186,000

John Raptis and Catherine Raptis to Jeffrey P. Alberini and Kristen M. Alberini, 9199 Briarbrook, $260,000

Marian A. Martini to John M. Beeson, 8745 South St., $80,000

Jay S. Feldman and Constance L. Feldman to Robert Bruce Shortbreed and Judith Ann Shortreed, 8700 Kimblewick Lane, $299,000

Stephen J. Zuppo Sr. and Theresa L. Zuppo to Tyler Hawkins, 7793 Castlerock, $185,000

Clara Nold to Mariah Driscoll, 1209 Summerfield Lane. $105,000

Robert C. Flaviano to Jefrey Miller and Rebecca Miller, 105 Kingston Court, $322,000


Himes Land Company LLC to Samantha M. Motter, 222 Jackson, $90,000

Joseph W. Grzelak Jr. to Andrew Miller, 329 E. Park, $130,000

Melissa Liste to Nicole Pope, 3206 Bell Wick, $83,500

Hometown Services LLC to James C. Phibbs and Heather S. Phibbls, 913 E. Liberty, $40,000


Carol J. Scott to David Basile, 6149 state Route 5, $20,000

Catherine A. Blaney to Riverbed 004 LLC, Delin Thomas, $20,000

David R. Cline and Denise M. Cline to John Fitch III and Lisa Fitch, 5772 Burnett East, $119,000

Catherine A. Blaney to Riverbed 003 LLC, Delin Thomas, $20,000


Suzanne L. Roscoe and Robert A. Maier to VT Larney LTD, 343 Beverly Hills, $115,000

Kerri J. Ague and Rocco S. Ague to Maggie Teresa Carkhuff, Keefer, $110,000

United Presbyterian Church to Word Music Ministries LLC, Tanglewood, $40,000

Robert Carder and Daniel R. Carder to Easyway LLC, 3102 Hadley, $40,000

Gregory Shirey to James Flynn Jr., 1580 Tibbetts Wick, $132,900

Jet Black Capital LLC to Charles William Denison III, Belmont, $28,000


William G. Strang to Timothy J. Roberts and Denise P. Roberts, 7872 Highland, $365,000

Michael J. Sekerak III and Joyce E. Sekerak to Jeffrey Miller and Rebecca Miller, 105 Kingston Court, $322,000

Bruner Land Company Inc to Veronica D. Boyle and Michael K. Boyle Jr., Palmyra, $87,500

Michael J. Sekerak III and Joyce E. Sekerak to Brian J. Wolnik, 2419 Hewitt Gifford, $127,500


Jennifer L. Dietz to Trenton Ball, 214 Adams, $159,000

Eugene J. Szegedi and Linda N. Szegedi to Diana E. Levin and Lon M. Levin, 328 Ohio, $135,000

SINN LLC to Shad Ryan McBride, 244 Pennsylvania, $115,000


Lisa A. Parker to Kaylene R. Woody and Thomas Frank Woody, 5262 Cottage Drive, $230,000


Sarah J. Gump and Diana J. Harley to Renee L. Noland, 1711 Kale Adams, $220,00

Joshua Simmons to Randy L. Deweese and Kayla N. Deweese, Milton Blvd., $170,000


Colleen Foley and Melzia Daniels to Mathew Foit, 80 E. Woodland, $50,000

Peter J. Sabatino and Rebecca M. Sabatino to Michael P. Squibbs Sr., 861 John, $132,500

Anna R. Nelso to Elvis Boateng and Breanah Boateng, 534 Peffer, $155,000

Larissa Betts and Cameron Betts to April Christine Sturgiss, 855 Lincoln, $170,000

Alida G. Lendvay to Andra Lynn Coxson, 729 Indiana, $70,000

Anne M. Whitney to William Louis Madison, 335 Summit, $135,100

Jalto Holdings LLC to Robert D. Wilson III, 922 Vienna, $109,400

Karen Macali to Cassandra L. Fear and Michael Denton, 706 Robbins, $162,000


Donnie Byler to Jennifer Lynn Merck, 3907 state Route 305, $214,000


Thomas E. Gober to Kenneth Bauer and Patricia Beckley Bauer, 1461 Youngstown Kingsville, $38,000


Michael R. McKee and Catherine A. McKee to MTGLQ LP, 343 Genesee, $118,277

Susan J. Strawn to Kayla N. Collins and Justin L. Rock, 1505 Edgehill, $73,000

Semgen Holdings LLC to Eric D. Velk and Angela K. Velk, 1611 Denison, $61,900

David L. McCloud and Dori J. McCloud to Elizabeth R. Horn, 2122 Beechwood, $130,000

Tracie L. Sackett to Evan Magill, 1741 Larchmont, $37,000

Funtulis Enterprises LLC to Cody M. Holler, 650 Kenilworth, $89,900

Paul K. Clingerman to Affordable Storage Solutions LLC, 101 North River, $231,000

JKV Investors A LP to Nathaniel J. Border and Alethia Mary Rachelle Flight, 549 Willard, $85,000

Donna K. Sankey to Melissa Romain, 4244 Candlelight Drive, $64,000

Nicholas R. Barbe to Allen J. Kandel, 409 North, $63,500

Funtulis Enterprises LLC to Cody M. Holler, 650 Kenilworth, $89,900

Paul K. Clingerman to Affordable Storage Solutions LLC, 101 North River, $231,000


Glenn M. Prox and Carrie L. Prox to Jeffrey A. London and Cathleen V. London, 1351 Heaton Boulevard, $35,000

Patricia Finelli to Gregory G. Suslovic and Barbara A. Suslovic, 1921 Cloverbrook, $161,500

Karen M. Hartman and William J. Hartman to Cain G. Walters, 3666 Oakview, $104,000


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