Mon., 1:1pm: Eastern Gateway partners with Ohio Means Jobs

STEUBENVILLE – Eastern Gateway Community College and Ohio Means Jobs have formed the first partnership in the state of Ohio that brings a satellite office of the job center to a college campus.

Ohio Means Jobs Jefferson County established a satellite office on Eastern Gateway’s Jefferson County campus this fall to serve students, graduates and the public with their employment quests.

Eastern Gateway sought the partnership on its Jefferson County campus and is working to establish similar partnerships in Mahoning and Trumbull counties, according to EGCC President Laura Meeks.

“This partnership will bring a wide array of services and outreach opportunities to our students and graduates. In a recent job realignment at the college, the administrative position offering career services was eliminated and a new faculty position was created. This new partnership is a great opportunity to provide these services to our students and graduates,” Meeks said.

“This is a perfect fit for the Ohio Means Jobs job center,” said Mike McGlumphy, Workforce Investment Act director. “Since opening in August, the joint venture has been very successful. It is great to work with the community college students and recruit them when they finish with graduation to help them get a job. A lot of alumni are coming in, too.”

McGlumphy said students and graduates are shown how to job search “because the days of knocking on doors is gone.”

“Establishment of the satellite is good for the county. It gives us another location to reach the residents,” he said.

“In partnering with another state service, we get the added bonuses of using established programs and stretching taxpayers’ dollars,” Meeks said.

Ohio Means Jobs can help people find employment, develop and refine their job search skills, assist them with career and educational plans and connect them with community resources and services. The service also can help businesses with their work force needs through a variety of programs and partners’ services such as assistance with filling job openings, Meeks.

Brian Henry, job center coordinator, maintains an office in the main building on the Jefferson County campus from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. He is assisting students with resume creation and job searches as well as working with WIA eligible clients. Meetings are being held on campus with leaders of area businesses and officials of college career programs about job openings and internship programs.

“Students are walking in to our office daily to inquire about jobs they saw on fliers in the hallway or on the website. We have a wide, wide range of job listings, from entry-level to those requiring a bachelor’s degree,” Henry noted.

Another service offered is helping students prepare or upgrade a resume.

“We have a software writer in the office to help produce a good resume,” he said. “In the last five years, more and more employers are dropping job applications in favor of resumes – 99 percent of employers require a resume,” Henry added.

Students and graduates receive hard copies and a flash drive with the file when they finish the resume development, Henry explained.

Ohio Means Jobs officials also are working with program directors and faculty to determine where there is interest in student internship placement.

“Employers are expressing an interest in interns so we are getting started with the faculty so we can match interns with employers,” Henry said.

Websites used by the office include:

– Ohio Means Jobs, which allows job seekers access to thousands of job openings throughout Ohio and around the country as well as career information.

–, which is a search engine for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards.

– State of Ohio Job Search, which allows a search for state of Ohio government jobs.

– Career One Stop, which allows a search through Ohio Means Jobs database of moere than 1 million jobs nationwide, create and post a resume online and set up an automated job search.

– Monster Search Jobs, which allows the participant to view more than 800,000 jobs in the United States.

– College Central Network, which posts all job listings.