Zallows leaving a legacy

Carl ends career in style; Chad’s shooting for history

Tribune Chronicle / John Vargo Brothers Carl, right, and Chad Zallow pose for a picture in front of YSU’s Stambaugh Stadium. The two John F. Kennedy graduates are leaving their mark at YSU.

YOUNGSTOWN — Carl Zallow remembers the day.

A 4.1-mile per hour wind sailed behind the speedsters rushing down the 100 meters at the Austintown Fitch High School track.

A couple of state champions and an Ohio State wide receiver among the eight soaring down the all-weather surface. The future Buckeye won that day.

Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary’s Paris Campbell won in 10.47 seconds, while Zallow was second (10.55) and Solon’s Brandon Bolden took third (10.56).

That was 2014.

“I actually still talk about that until this day,” Zallow said.

He was in the blocks once again, four years later. A state away in Rochester, Michigan on the campus of Oakland University for the Horizon League Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Zallow comes away with the 100- and 200-meter dash titles, the first of his career for the Youngstown State University senior.

“You honestly cannot ask for a better ending than that,” Zallow said.

Carl started the rush of sprinters at YSU, which has led to multiple indoor and outdoor team titles for the Penguins.

He and his younger brother Chad have an uncanny knack to push themselves beyond their limits. It goes back to the days when these two ran for the Warren Striders youth track program to John F. Kennedy High School and continuing to YSU.

“I think it comes down to representing this area,” Chad said. “I’m a very proud person, member of this area. I want to represent this area to the best of my ability. When I’m working hard, that inspires me to keep on working hard and do my best to represent this community.”

Chad has been on the biggest stages, especially this season as he competed in the NCAA indoor national championships. Then there’s the Millrose Games, Facing professionals and going head-to-head with the nation’s best.

Hurdle-by-hurdle, Chad proudly displays the Y. He thinks other top-flight athletes should as well.

“I like to put that uniform on, inspire other people from this area and just show them you don’t need to go far away if you’re a great athlete from this area,” he said. “You have everything here at YSU to be successful.

“I think I show that when I step on the track and compete against all those big-time schools out there that it can be done here at YSU.”

Chad recently came back from the NCAA Outdoor Nationals and is preparing for his senior season. For now, he’s a cost analyst at First National Bank in Hermitage for an Internship requirement.

Carl is doing the same in a different field.

He’s a special education major, working at Leonard Kirtz School in Austintown.

“It was something that I felt a calling to do,” Carl said. “I feel like I have the patience, personality to deal with that kind of stuff. I like it.

“It’s a job you’re not doing for the pay. You’re directly impacting lives.”

Being a YSU sprinter impacted Carl’s life, more ways than he can count. Last month, he hung up the track spikes one last time.

“I think I’m done,” Carl said. “It’s something every athlete in the world has to deal with at some point. You kind of look back and are happy with everything you’ve accomplished and the memories. They’re great memories.”

This offseason, Chad tries to add to his legacy.

“I want to leave my mark here at YSU next year so other kids can see what could be done here, so the program keeps going in the right direction,” he said.