Couch Fan offers wishes for New Year

As part of the new normal, us “boomer” sports fans have to get used to:

¯ Downloading apps to our televisions in this post-cable, post-satellite television universe. Now, does that Cleveland baseball team play on Fox Sports Go or just the regular Fox Sports app?

¯ Telling the difference between which Collinsworth is speaking during NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Maybe we can trade in one of them so Carrie Underwood can come into the booth to sing the theme song live.

¯ Going to any sporting event with our facemasks on. Maybe it won’t be all that bad if the Browns can manage a home playoff game in January.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some questions from this boomer’s seat in front of the television:

¯ If baseball has to go through another COVID-plagued season, can this be the year that we put the Cleveland team, the Pirates, the Reds, the Tigers and the Blue Jays all in the same division?

¯ Do you notice that football referees, whether its the college game or pro, seem to have trouble with the rules and how to mark a ball after the ball carrier is down? The old left foot /right foot controversy is long past.

Now, the line judge just comes running in with his hand up and marks it wherever he / she wants. Browns runners Chubb and Hunt, in my humble opinion, have lost a lot of yardage this year on iffy spots. We are also seeing more coaches ask for replay on spotting this year.

¯ Staying with the zebras, what exactly constitutes “targeting” in the college game? Hopefully they can get this straight before tonight’s Ohio State / Clemson matchup.

¯ Speaking of Clemson, do you think Dabo will throw his team another pizza party if they get by the Buckeyes again in the Sugar Bowl? Do you also think that Mr. Sweeney has lost his “aw shucks, I’m a good boy” image with his latest antics in downing the Scarlet and Gray. Maybe that team up north should consider hiring Dabo?

Some New Year’s resolutions and / or wishes:

¯ Can we get Don Criqui and Bob Trumpy out of retirement to announce the Browns’ playoff game?

¯ I vow to not watch ESPN Sunday Night baseball with A-Rod. By the way, is he still with J-Lo?

¯ I hope Sportstime Ohio / Cleveland baseball announcer Rick Manning can get a managing job someday.

¯ This is the year that Omar Vizquel makes the Baseball Hall of Fame.

¯ One of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers in the new baseball Draft League is drafted in the first round.

¯ All of you Vindy and Tribune readers, have a happy, safe and healthy new year!


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