Column: All good things come to an end

I remember the first time I heard the word “guardian.” It was probably around the time I registered for kindergarten, and my dad informed me that he was my “guardian.” He also liked to say the above quote when it was time to end a vacation or go back to school or get me to do other things that I didn’t want to do.

Now I feel compelled to accept this “guardian” as the new nickname of the major league baseball team I’ve been rooting for for about 57 years.

57 … one more game than Joe DiMaggio had consecutive games of hits.

Where have you gone Chief Wahoo?

A couple years ago Chief Wahoo was removed as my favorite baseball team’s mascot. I had considered that cartoonish logo — that many now find offensive — to be the guardian of my good times.

Since age 5, I have considered first Cleveland Municipal Stadium and then later Jacobs Field and now Progressive Field to be my “happy place on earth.”

More name changes.

They come with marriages and less often with divorces. This one involving my favorite team feels more like a shotgun marriage.

To ease my pain, I consulted with someone who says he regularly invokes the baseball gods.

Local baseball fan John Brown, a Warren councilman who has attended 47 straight Cleveland baseball home openers, said he roots for the city’s team, “not the the name on the front of the uniform or the last name on the back of the uniform.”

Maybe I was taking this nickname thing too personal.

Guardian, huh? Like guardian angel!

Yes, my Catholic faith tells me that my guardian angel helps to “guards” my soul and directs it to the more important things in life — the things that last forever.

Like faith, hope and love?

Well, baseball only lasts nine innings and it is the only team sport that doesn’t use a time clock. And the defense is the one that has the ball!

I guess I can get on board with Guardians.

But please, everyone, I’m gonna keep all my old Cleveland Indians apparel and not buy all the new logoed stuff that will be pushed on us.

I am still going to my happy place… and I’m taking my family with me! I’ve got three grandsons and two granddaughters who I am trying to teach to like baseball. It is not easy in this modern world and especially when you have to compete with the “flashes and bangs” found on the cellphones and video games.

I’m talking like an old fuddy-duddy.

Back when I was 5, I thought the oldest man I knew — another wise Guy — was cool.

He always talked about working on the railroad and meeting Cleveland sports legends Larry Doby and Paul Warfield. I don’t know if those stories were true. But I was sure that guardian had the best intentions for me.

Now if only the Cleveland baseball team for 2021 can get a relief pitcher that can successfully “guard” the lead in the ninth inning.


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