Chair should keep control of meetings


Today’s interpretation of the Trumbull County commissioners’ meeting has the appearance of a third-world country, says one person. Should the meeting be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order, or “Mother, May I?” Or even, “Simon Says”?

One thing is for sure: Robert has left the building. With a label as big as the Hollywood sign, we plaster “freedom of speech” as a one cure-all. When a judge slams his gavel and states, “Order in the court,” he means just that. We need rules when we conduct business; someone must be in charge.

Whether it be a school or a business, even the military has order and requirements. In the case of our Trumbull County commissioners, Frank Fuda was appointed to be chairman. To have order, one must be recognized to speak by the chair. If one speaks out of turn, it simply changes the atmosphere of order within the meeting. The chair states, “You’re out of order, please be silent.” To disregard this warning is to create disorder in the meeting. If one continues to carry on, the chair gives another warning to comply. Again, if one fails to obey, the chair may have that person removed from the meeting in order to carry out the business.

Here is a suggested reading: William Golding’s novel “The Lord of the Flies,” followed up with “Robert’s Rules of Order.”




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