Democrats must have amnesia on rioting


It’s the tale of two parties. Ferguson, Mo., in 2014, rioters looted, burned this city and Barack Obama said, “Let them get this out of their systems,” and charged them with minor offenses. It lasted for 10 days.

Baltimore, Md., in 2015 looting and fires engulfed this city. Obama said, “I condemn the criminals and thugs.” This went on for 16 days.

The day of President Trump’s inauguration, the pink hats and Madonna said, “I have thought a lot of blowing up the White House.”

Maxine Waters, a sitting Congresswoman, with a bullhorn said, “Seek out Trump cabinet members in a restaurant or in a grocery store, get in their face and push them back,” riling up people by saying over and over again, “Impeach 45” in 2018. And this was said by Eric Holder in 2018, “When they go low, we kick them.”

I find these people guilty of inciting riot and violence against people and our country, but nothing was done. In 2020, cities in Washington, Oregon, Michigan and Minneapolis burned, looted with gunfire tearing down statues, burning police vehicles. What did Democrats do? Nothing. They were silent, and Joe Biden hid in his basement. June 1, 2020, BLM stormed Washington, D.C., and lit fires nearby, and President Trump sheltered in the White House.

I condemn any type of violence but there are bad people on both sides of this story, and we must tell this to the people of America. We cannot be biased, but it is unlike what happened Jan. 6. These people will not be let out on bail for doing what the above had done. Kamala Harris raised money that has reached $35 million to bail out those who rioted last year and to keep them out of jail. The good protesters are the ones who lost in all of this, for we are a free country. So don’t point the finger at one party. The blame is on both sides, including the national news media and all forms of social media.

And for Big Tech to have so much power to block anyone they choose from voicing an opinion should not be allowed. I ask politicians, where have you been the last four, eight or 12 years? Bill 230 before Congress would prevent this.

George Orwell said when free speech is silenced, you have a totalitarian society.

Many journalists in this country today are only opinionated people — this is called yellow journalism.

We need to bring back Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley.




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