‘Whoever has ears, let them hear’


These words are from Matthew 13:9 and Luke 15:35b says the same: “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” Are you listening to His message, America? I think not. The more the world condones sin, the stranger Jesus’ cruel death on the cross and the need for salvation become. One wonders why people are so foolish — carrying the punishment of sins when Jesus has done it for us. I believe people are doing it today for the “privilege” of being their own gods instead of standing under God’s authority. People are lapsing more easily into the delusion that they are self-sufficient, independent and relying on their own resources.

The voice of God can be as gentle as a summer breeze — so gentle that unless you are seeking a fellowship with God, you will never hear it. And if you are not sensitive enough to detect His voice, you will quench it and be impaired from hearing God. Are you willing to allow God to grip you and open your heart to hear about sanctification? Sanctification is not your idea of what you want God to do for you — sanctification is God’s idea of what He wants to do for you. Will you let Him? God is a living God and does speak to us today in His Word. You just have to give Him a chance and read His Word in the Bible. Those who are rejecting Jesus Christ are refusing God’s invitation to salvation. Salvation is offered as a free gift, but one has to respond to His invitation. May I suggest you read Matthew 13 today.

Jesus died for your sins! Your goal is to build a relationship with God so you may hear God say “My child, you need not tell me about all your past sins. I have forgotten them. It is as though they had never been.” What great words to strive to hear. Those who say they don’t care what happens to them after they die don’t realize what they are saying. They will be punished for living in selfishness and indifference to God.

This is where churches, pastors and believers need to get working together in America. Today, churches are far apart in helping the citizens of this world. As I leave home this morning, am I keeping in mind that I’m still “on a mission” to live each moment with and for God? Am I remembering to serve Him in everything I do? Our life in Jesus is meant to be lived intentionally and with enthusiasm. How and for whom are you living today?




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