Democrat-run cities end up as failures


We’ve all heard about the country’s hot spots over the last several weeks — cities where riots, looting, destruction and chaos are happening at a frightening pace.

The worst cities are identified as San Francisco, Baltimore, Oakland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Portland and Seattle. In almost every case, Democratic mayors and a majority Democratic city councils have ruled for nearly the last 50 years. The one exception is New York City when Rudy Giuliani was mayor from 1994 to 2001. He is credited for cleaning up his city’s urban nightmare. Since 2001, NYC has become a sanctuary sewer once again under complete Democratic rule.

Death, destruction, struggling economies, unsafe neighborhoods, crime, bad schools, corruption, poverty and poor health conditions are always found in Democratic-run cities. It follows the liberal policies and culture. This is most prevalent in non-white neighborhoods. When these failures are brought to light, the liberal agenda is to simply blame the president and his racist policies. But the true racists by every measure are these Democratic-run cities.

No conservative-run cities are on this list. Throw in nearly two generations of far left-wing activism, blaming white America and its conservative heritage for all the problems the Democrats have created. People rioting in the streets when their awful conditions were caused by the very people they continue to vote into office. Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, the true definition of a racist, said some terribly offensive words while touting his “Great Society” program in the mid ’60s. Those words cannot be repeated here, but you can imagine.

Please wake up, voters. Take a look around at the misery, torment and anguish the far left has imposed on you. Haven’t you had enough? If the liberal agenda continues to rule our cities, it’s only a matter of time until the country is consumed by it. Then it’s the end of America as we know it.


Newton Falls


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