Democrats make fools of themselves


The Adam Schiff impeachment inquiry is finally over. None of the witnesses said President Trump did anything wrong. These were not fans of the president.

Now they have three choices to make.

The first is to drop this circus and get on with life. This won’t happen as the Democratic candidates for president cannot beat Trump in 2020.

Second, they can give it to Jerry Nadler for the judicial committee to investigate. This has already been done so it will go nowhere.

Third, the Democratic-controlled House can pass an impeachment and send it to the Senate. I hope they choose this path.

Once it gets to the Senate it will be Republican-controlled. There will be witnesses for Trump, and no doubt Joe Biden and Hunter Biden will be called in.

Next will be Adam Schiff to explain how he conveniently forgot who the so-called whistleblower is. I think he or she is a leaker, not a whistleblower.

So bring it on, Democrats. You have a year to try to get Trump. So far all you have done is make fools of yourselves.




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