Silicon Valley owns the Democratic party


The reason Democrats do not want a permanent wall and just want technology (other than they dislike President Donald Trump) is Silicon Valley owns the Democratic party. The millions of dollars donated to elect Hillary Clinton was astounding.

Silicon Valley is invested in this party. The elites are invited to thousand-dollar dinners to raise money for the party. This is why middle America does not matter to them anymore. Pay attention America. In 2016 the Democrats needed only 17 million voters to win the election. Their main concern to give 22 million DACA recipients (and that is a true figure) complete amnesty. That is where Barack Obama came in. He tried to make an order to do that, but the court overruled him. Since a lot of black people in our country have now recognized the Democratic party has done very little for them, they have returned to the Republican party. Once again, as I have said before, President Lyndon Johnson said, “We will have them vote Democrat for life.” They need new voters. What’s really sad is Nancy Pelosi tells the Democrats when to sit, stand, speak and applaud.

She gave every one of them the “look” at the inaugural address. Only one stood up, and it was not U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan. This party will never give President Trump the recognition he deserves.



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