Too much negativity in American society today


The U.S. today is caught in a non-stop revolving door; this nation is drinking its own poison daily, mentally enforcing anti-establishment behavior.

Look at the headlines: listen to the subjects on the radio that are broadcast daily. Watch it on television programs. The internet holds a tool box for bad behavior.

Violence and drama sells. “One gunshot fired is heard over a thousand prayers,” it is said.

Hostility: The next way to sell it is putting it up on the marquees, lighting it up to make sure it catches the public’s attention.

We have been highlighting violence and political opposition.

Society cries out, “How do you stop this violence?” The sure answer is, look what we have been drinking and feeding on. Negative news in society on different events across America and the world for some time now. There is an old saying, “building a mountain out of a molehill.” Media brings up the smallest detail of what happened; too much information overload that should remain at the police station, court room or within our government leadership.

Without a doubt, it sure is great for the companies that are selling news. However, it is truly not encouraged by society in general.

Media should fill the ears, eyes and minds of people with positive stories, while lowering the reporting details of disturbing subjects. I agree, we need to be informed on what is happening, though not magnified to such a degree.

As far as politicians, we really do not care how they feel about their opponent or their scenarios with them; we simply want to hear what they can do for us.




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