Preserve Newton Falls community center


The Newton Falls community center an integral part of the historic landscape of this community. It has served as a valuable community asset, yet it is in danger of being lost forever.

Because of this and its history not only to the community but also to the state and nation, a group of local citizens nominated the community center to be placed on Preservation Ohio’s 2017 List of Most Endangered Places. It rightfully deserves to be saved and reused as it has been in the past.

There are many successful examples of creative reuse of historic buildings across the state. It would seem this rare USO treasure is a candidate as well. The cost is a part of stewardship to the men and women who were served here during their time of service. It is an honor to have this building in your community.

Please support the preservation of the USO facility in your community.


Delaware, Ohio

Preservation Ohio trustee


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