Joe Biden and Dems are failing Ohioans

As I travel the United States, I am blown away by the passionate, patriotic men and women who work to ensure strong conservative candidates win in communities across the country. However, the work to stop Biden’s failing agenda begins in 2022 with red states like Ohio.

The Democrats’ promise to “build back better” and restore unity is a mockery to the people of Ohio when, in reality, Biden is painting a bleak picture.

President Biden lost Ohio by eight points in 2020, and it is clear why. In the last nine months alone, his radical agenda has failed Americans, created an unchecked crisis at the southern border, destroyed our credibility on the world stage and crushed middle-class families with inflation and rising prices.

While Biden claims that his socialist economic plan for America will cost zero dollars, it is evident his tax-and-spend policies are crushing the working men and women of this state. Consumer prices have spiked, and producer- price increases have reached new record highs across the nation for the past five months in a row. Even liberal economists like Obama adviser Larry Summers warn “the inflation risk is real” with this type of reckless spending.

Unfortunately, Americans must cope with inflation’s hidden tax, with middle and lower-class families hit the hardest. American families and small businesses are already experiencing rising prices and a worker shortage, but that is not stopping Biden and Democrats from pushing a $3.5 trillion socialist wish-list and the largest tax increase in decades.

As Ohio families grapple with this reality, Biden wants to raise taxes on middle-class families making as little as $50,000 a year. Thankfully, Buckeye Staters have solid conservative leaders in their state who have cut taxes, reduced burdensome government regulations, and made Ohio one the most business-friendly states in the nation. Unfortunately, Biden and his yes men — Sherrod Brown and Tim Ryan — are threatening to undo all of that work.

Democrats like Brown and Ryan have become very talented at talking the talk in their district but walking a very different walk in Washington. To truly cut working men and women in on the deal, they should support Republican efforts to cut taxes, oppose federal vaccine mandates, advocate for school choice, seek energy independence and hold this failing administration accountable.

For Republicans to be successful, we need every patriot to get involved in the 2022 election cycle. Ohio Republicans have a tremendous record of success, but we cannot take our foot off the gas. We will continue to build on our momentum to stop Biden and the Democrats who care more about their wish list than the future of our children.

The work to hold Biden and Democrats accountable is already upon us. With special elections to elect Mike Carey and Laverne Gore in Ohio’s 15th and 11th Congressional Districts this November, we have a chance to narrow Nancy Pelosi’s majority in the House and make Democrats accountable to the American people. Meanwhile, supporting Republicans in the House and re-electing a Republican to the Senate next year can help us reverse the damage. So get involved, support your local candidates, and help us take back Congress in 2022.


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