Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Thomas Starr of Howland, who stumbled across a large, decorative marriage certificate dated Feb. 16, 1915, behind a picture frame and turned it over to the Vienna Historical Society. Orchid, also, to the historical society members who helped ensure the certificate was sent to Florida where a relative of the Trumbull County couple whose names are on the certificate now lives.

• ORCHID: To the hundreds of people, local and nationwide, who dug into their pockets to help a 24-year-old local mother arrested last week in Liberty after she left her two young children alone for several hours in a hotel room while she went to work. A GoFundMe account has generated more than $100,000 for the family’s needs. While we don’t condone the woman’s actions, we recognize the outpouring of financial support for this mother who was working to support her family.

• ONION: To a resident in the 3600 block of U.S. Route 422 in Southington who has been displaying a large, offensive political sign in his yard that uses vulgar language when referring to President Joe Biden. Yes, it seems freedom of speech would allow the sign’s display, but legal doesn’t mean right. School buses loaded with students and many other motorists and neighbors were being subjected to the sign daily. Let’s use some common sense.

• ORCHID: To Niles City School District and many students who contributed to the Stevens Park storywalk by creating images and messages for Black History Month. The storywalk opened last fall as a collaboration between the McKinley Memorial Library and the Niles Parks Department. It includes panels that can be read like a book as people stroll through the park. Orchid, also, to the library, which reached out to Niles schools to seek the Black History Month contributions.

• ORCHID: To Youngstown Catholic Diocese Bishop David Bonnar and all those involved in hosting the White Mass to recognize and bless area health care workers. About 50 were in attendance last Sunday. While the Mass is an annual event, this year’s celebration was especially noteworthy in light of the life-saving work health care workers have been doing on the COVID-19 front lines.


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