Re-elect David Joyce for the 14th District

Much like this year’s presidential race, the two candidates vying for the 14th District Congressional seat are polar opposites.

Democratic challenger Hillary O’Connor Mueri promotes a liberal party line arguing for an increased minimum wage, saving the Affordable Care Act and strict environmental protections.

Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. David Joyce promotes conservative views on the other end of the spectrum. They included things like growing the economy through corporate tax reductions, reduced government spending and securing our borders.

While many of our views align with Joyce’s, it’s the congressman’s experience, including his role on the House Appropriations Committee, coupled with his spirit of cooperation that makes him our choice in the race.

Joyce, 63, of Chagrin Falls, has a proven ability to work across the aisle, an admirable trait given the divisive environment in D.C. these days. Before being elected to Congress in 2012, he served as Geauga County prosecutor.

He lists his priorities, if elected, as the economy, improving and providing resources for health care workers and systems, continuing to protect and preserve Lake Erie and combating the opioid epidemic.

Mueri, 43, of Painesville, works as an attorney who provides consulting with a focus on aviation, aerospace and technology. Previously, she had served as a Naval flight officer in the U.S. Navy.

Mueri says some of her main focuses, if elected, will be affordable health care, job creation, fighting the opioid epidemic and campaign finance reform.

She says she will fight to not only maintain the Affordable Care Act, but also to expand it. She also supports a “public option,” in which a government-run health plan would compete with private insurers, saying market forces should lead to better prices and service.

We disagree with that premise in principle because we believe in a capitalistic society and do not believe that public entities should ever compete with private enterprise.

Regarding the environment, Mueri said she opposes northeast Ohio’s acceptance of fracking waste from other areas, and says although she understands the economic value of fracking, she believes that over time it should be “drawn down.”

Mueri believes in raising the minimum wage and says she sees $15 per hour to be a good starting point.

“I think it’s completely in the realm to see an average $15 minimum wage. It’s just a matter of balance,” Mueri said.

Regarding campaign finance, Mueri said she is not accepting any corporate PAC money. She says she’ll fight for transparency in elections and ensure they are secure of foreign influences along with special interests and deliberate misinformation.

Joyce said he is proud of his work on the Great Lakes preservation legislation, an important issue for both the environment and the economy.

It’s also worth noting that Joyce has made it a habit to return thousands of taxpayer dollars from his Members’ Representational Allowance to the U.S. Treasury for deficit reduction. Since he took over the post in Washington, he has returned more than $800,000 in taxpayer dollars to the Treasury.

All in all, our positions on many issues fall more in line with Joyce’s beliefs and priorities. We believe he is the better choice, and we endorse Joyce to keep his 14th Congressional District seat.

The 14th Congressional District represents multiple northeast Ohio counties, including portions of northern Trumbull County.


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