Warren teens kicked out during storm

Mom pleads not guilty to 2 counts of child endangering

WARREN — Eva B. Harris, 38, was arraigned Tuesday in Warren Municipal Court on two counts of child endangering, accused of sending her two teenage kids out into more than a foot of snow Monday.

Harris pleaded not guilty and received a personal recognizance bond, meaning she did not have to pay anything. She was taken to jail on Monday after she was arrested but was released several hours later.

Police were called to her Summit Street NW home at 8:18 a.m. regarding a disturbance between Harris and her daughter.

When officers arrived, they could hear an argument in the house. Harris answered the door after several minutes and said her daughter “needed to go” because she was being disrespectful. Harris said her daughter poured a drink on her, and she was “kicking her outside.”

Several minutes later, the girl, 17, exited the home with Harris closing the door behind her. The girl was wearing a thin jacket, pink pants, tennis shoes and was carrying a trash bag of her belongings, police said.

The girl was visibly crying and upset and repeated, “I have nowhere to go,” while walking through 18 inches of snow. The officer placed her in his cruiser and took her to the police station.

When the officer arrived at the station, he learned Harris also had kicked out her 16-year-old son. The officer found the boy on the front porch locked out wearing a jacket, sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes and also had a trash bag full of belongings.

The officer placed the boy and his belongings in the cruiser.

The boy said his mother was upset with his sister about bringing her boyfriend to the house. He added his mother became upset with him when he tried to break up the argument.

The officer took a phone call from Trumbull County Children Services regarding the incident, and informed a worker of what the mother is accused of doing and that the temperature was in the 20s with 30 mph wind gusts.

The officer and two other officers knocked repeatedly on the door, but Harris did not answer. A police officer later took both teens to Children Services.

Police took Harris into custody about 9:44 a.m. and took her to jail. Afterward, the two teens were taken back home, and an older sister agreed to come home to stay with her siblings, the report states.

Harris returns to court March 1.


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