Newton Falls looking at an operating loan

Village manager says some funds are overbudgeted

NEWTON FALLS — The village may need an operating loan to meet its financial obligations, said Pamela Priddy, interim village manager.

Priddy said Sean Housley, interim finance director, found some funds he reviewed are overbudgeted.

Housley has been working to balance the funds since former finance director Anna Musson was placed on leave in May. Musson was fired earlier this month.

Priddy said after a review, the village might need an operating loan to deal with some of the over spending in 2020 and 2021. There also are outstanding bills for legal services and road paving.

Housley is paid $2,800 per week for his services. Priddy said he is expected to be in the village helping for two months.

First Ward Councilman Adam Zimmerman questioned why Housley, the treasurer and clerk in Silver Lake, makes $1,667 per week there, while Newton Falls is paying him $2,800 per week.

“To handle the situation our finances are in, we could not find anyone (else). Mr. Housley volunteered to come here and is putting in many hours each week. He has done above and beyond and is well worth what we are paying him,” Priddy said.

She said Housley also works with the state auditors on financial matters.

Priddy said she is not taking any salary and with Musson no longer employed by the village, the village has funds to pay Housley for his work. Musson was being paid $72,500 per year.

She said Housley “is trying his best to help turn the community around and figure out what we need to do financially to help us move forward,” Priddy said.

Council members have said they realize the village is in a tough financial situation and want to get the finances back in order. Officials stated they were upset with the transfer of large sums of money from an investment fund to the general fund in 2020 and 2021, something they didn’t learn about until a few months ago.


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