Newton Falls council to meet on recall election

NEWTON FALLS — Village council has scheduled a special meeting Friday to set the date for the recall election of 4th Ward Councilwoman Sandra Breymaier.

Fourth Ward residents last month submitted a petition signed by more than 200 people seeking to recall Breymaier.

Village clerk Kathy King last month accepted the petitions, which stayed with the clerk’s office for 20 days before being taken to the Trumbull County Board of Elections, where the signatures were reviewed and verified.

Village manager David Lynch said at Monday’s meeting King picked up the petitions Thursday.

Residents who attend village council meetings via Zoom and in person have made comments to Breymaier about her conduct at meetings and representation of the 4th Ward. She and other members of council and village officials often have been criticized by residents over decisions made on various pieces of legislation, including pay raises last November for village administrators.

Lynch said King will present the petitions to council at Friday’s meeting. He said village council will present the recall to Breymaier and give her seven days from Friday to decide if she wants to resign.

Breymaier said at Monday’s council meeting she won’t resign.

Second Ward Councilman John Baryak said he spoke to a representative of the Ohio Ethics Commission about Breymaier voting against her own discipline regarding a derogatory comment he said she made on Zoom after a previous council meeting. He said he was informed Breymaier should have abstained or recused herself on that vote.

Baryak said the village has faced recall elections in the past.

“The people want a chance to speak. They are the blood and soul of this community. If they want Mrs. Breymaier to stay, so be it. If they don’t want her, that is it,” he said.

Councilman-at-Large Tarry Alberini said he is concerned about Newton Falls’ image with all the recall and referendum issues filed by the residents. He said they are giving the village “a black eye.”

Residents told council they are not being listened to or being represented by their elected officials, which is why they take action with recalls and referendums.

Resident Laura Neiheisel said residents are not happy with what village officials have done claiming to represent them.

“We would not have this problem if people would do their jobs. The residents of the 4th Ward are not happy. It is our right to hold a recall election,” she said.


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