Trumbull County gets 2,300 vaccine doses

Distribution to 80-plus-year-olds to begin Tuesday

Howland fire Chief James Pantalone, center, explains the COVID-19 vaccine rollout for Trumbull County as Frank Migliozzi, Trumbull County Combined Health District commissioner, left, and Burghill Vernon Fire Department Chief George Snyder wait their turn during a Thursday afternoon news conference at the Howland Fire Department.

HOWLAND — Trumbull County has received 2,300 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and will begin distribution next week with one of the main locations to be the Trumbull County Fairgrounds in Bazetta, where a drive-thru vaccination clinic will begin Wednesday.

The vaccine also has been given to area hospitals and Giant Eagle pharmacy locations in the county.

Starting Tuesday, the distribution will be for Trumbull residents 80 and older. Several area health and safety officials held a press conference Thursday in Howland to explain what will be taking place in upcoming weeks for the distribution.

Howland fire Chief James Pantalone said it is hard for many to believe that the world has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic since March 13 of last year.

“We ask for everyone’s patience as we enter this phase of vaccination. What we have all been through has been very stressful on all of us. We hope to calm the storm during this vaccination phase,” Pantalone said.

Burghill-Vernon fire Chief George Snyder, who also is with the county’s emergency operations center, said health and safety officials have been preparing for the vaccination distribution clinics since March, with 183 emergency medical personnel the first to get it in late December at the fire department with their second doses to be given later this month.

He said the 2,300 doses will cover 1.15 percent of the county’s total population. Statewide,100,000 doses of vaccines are being distributed among 88 counties.

“The vaccine is scarce, and the rollout will take time. When vaccines are received, they will be distributed in Trumbull County. Supplies will be used within seven days. Residents are asked to be patient. It will take a considerable amount of time to meet the need before we receive a sufficient amount of the vaccine,” Snyder said.

The vaccines will begin distribution to ages 80 and older starting Tuesday with five-year age groups phased in each following week. The week of Jan. 25 is for age 75 years and older, and those with severe congenital or developmental disorders. The week of Feb. 1 for age 70 and older and employees of K-12 schools. The week of Feb. 8 is for age 65 and older.

Snyder said Trumbull Regional Medical Center and St. Joseph Warren Hospital each will each receive 200 doses; Trumbull County Combined Health District, 1,100 doses; Warren City Health Department, 600 doses; and Giant Eagle, 100 doses each.

Frankl Migliozzi, Trumbull County Combined Health District health commissioner, said the health district will receive 1,100 doses starting Wednesday and will dispense the vaccine at a drive-thru clinic at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds on Hoagland Blackstub Road in Bazetta. People are asked to use Gate A.

“We plan to administer 400 doses a day over a four-hour period. We are working at saving lives, and this will help us accomplish that,” he said.

When people receive their first dose, they will be scheduled to come for their second dose. The vaccine is a two-shot vaccine, and anyone receiving the shot will receive a reminder vaccine card to come back for the second-shot.

John May, director of the Warren City Health Department, said those who were vaccinated Jan. 12 will return Feb. 9 and those vaccinated Jan. 19 return Feb. 16 at Packard Music Hall.

Dr, James Kravec of Mercy Health said the center’s community vaccine distribution location in Trumbull will be at Howland Medical Center.

“People have been asking me when is the end in sight. I truly believe the next step to the end is what we are going to do now with the vaccine process. The more patients we can vaccinate the better chance we are of getting through this,” he said.

Pantalone said the vaccine distribution locations, addresses and phone numbers for appointments will be online and placed at various locations.

“The information will be circulating widely,” he said.

Kravec said the two types of vaccines — Pfizer is for age 16 and older and Moderna for age 18 and older — are basically the same.

“They are very similiar in effect as far as their protection against the virus. It really doesn’t matter which you receive since the outcomes are very similar,” he said

Kravec said the repeat dose for Pfizer is 21 days and Moderna is 28 days.

Kravic said he believes things will begin to become more normal like they were prior to last March later this year.

“With getting people vaccinated and the more we get vaccinated the closer we get to the herd immunity rate, chances are we will have more normalcy,” he said.

Officials said there will be no cost for the vaccines.


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