Health care workers get thanks for service

WARREN — Each day, health care workers go to work at hospitals not always knowing what they will face, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

To show appreciation to the nurses, environmental service workers, respiratory therapists, kitchen workers and other hospital staff, local emergency medical service providers and firefighters drove by St. Joseph Warren Hospital and Trumbull Regional Medical Center in Warren this week to show appreciation.

“This is way they could thank our health care team,” said Alexa Polinsky, marketing director at Trumbull Regional Medical Center.

Health care workers were able to stand outside both hospitals waving to the EMS and fire personnel as they drove by in ambulances and other vehicles.

“We wanted to make sure everyone knows they support us, and we support them also in this time of need. We are all here in this together supporting the hospital, the people and the community,” said Troy Hass, general manager of Trumbull Regional Medical Center.

Matthew Gordon, director of emergency medical service at Trumbull Regional Medical Center, said he spoke to Tom Young, the manager of MedStar, who coordinated the effort to have the different ambulance companies to drive by as a way of thanking the hospital staff for supporting EMS workers during the pandemic.

Gordon said Young was not able to be part of the event as he was deployed to Louisiana to help there because of Hurricane Sally.

“We are trying to get the message to the public and EMS that we do not want people to delay their care. If you have chest pains or stroke symptoms, call 911. It is safe to ride in an ambulance and come to the hospital,” Gordon said.

Gordon said while hospitals for a period of time did want people coming to the hospital when the pandemic began, that has changed and people are urged to come for any health concerns or conditions.

Polinsky said the American Heart Association did a study that showed after COVID-19, people are still fearful of calling EMS for early intervention.

”The message of today’s event is it is completely safe to call 911. The hospital has an important partnership with EMS to protect the patients. This is the EMS way of showing thanks for the partnership with the health care workers at the hospital,” she said.

Jonathan Fauvie, communications manager and spokesman for St. Joseph Warren Hospital, said many staff members stood outside the main entrance as the ambulances were driven by.

“We had about 75 people outside as they drove by the building. This means a lot to the workers to receive the appreciation for what they do each day.”


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