On the record – Newton Falls

WHAT: Village council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Zachary Svette, John Baryak, Lyle Waddell, Sandra Breymaier, Tarry Alberini and Mayor Ken Kline


– Gave final approval for accepting the annexation of 27.952 acres from Braceville and Newton townships into the village, which includes Venture Plastics off Warren-Ravenna Road. Officials said Trumbull County commissioners also need to finalize the annexation. Braceville officials objected to the annexation of the land, which is mostly in their township, noting previous annexation of land to the village spurred little economic development;

– Approved a five-year lease of property for $300 per month for office space at 36 W. Broad St. to Fieldview Avenue for residents Tom and Tracy Colosimo to open a collectibles business. Tom serves as the vice president of the local commerce association;

– Passed two motions with the first to have commercial railroad owners address weeds and grass on railroad underpasses and to keep properties’ appearance neat. The second is for the railroad owners to address sidewalk maintenance also on railroad underpasses and properties. Law Director Joseph Fritz said the ordinances will get CSX and other railroad companies to get the work done, which has been difficult in the past. An employee of the railroad who was at the meeting said if contacted, the company will do the work;

– Heard from village manager David Lynch that the village was reimbursed $63,000 in CARES Act funds for coronavirus-related expenses such as covering costs for the coronavirus testing taking place for local residents the next two weeks;

– Approved amending allocations of income tax collection with 80 percent to the general fund; increasing from 10.5 to 11.5 percent to streets maintenance and repair; 5 percent to capital improvement; 1.5 percent to parks and recreation; and 2 percent to general fund reserve instead of the building fund.

— Bob Coupland


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