Claudia Hoerig files appeal of murder conviction

Click here to read Claudia Hoerig’s motion.

WARREN — Convicted murderer Claudia Hoerig on Friday filed a handwritten motion with the 11th District Court of Appeals requesting her conviction be dismissed and she be acquitted of all charges based on gross misconduct by trial counsel, law enforcement agencies and witnesses.

Hoerig was convicted of the 2007 murder of her husband, U.S. Air Force Maj. Karl Hoerig, in their Newton Falls home. After the murder, she escaped prosecution by leaving the United States and moving to her native country of Brazil, but was extradited in January 2018.

She was sentenced to 28 years in prison in February.

“I was totally misinformed by my public defenders about the content of my case and I never, to this date, received a paper copy of my discovery packet. I am unaware of most of its content,” Hoerig wrote in Friday’s motion.

Hoerig also claims her trial counsel deliberately failed to prepare for trial and investigate her case because they were threatened by local politicians, Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins, the media and other authorities, her appeal states.

She claims in her motion that the one attorney who sought to properly represent her, public defender Matthew Pentz, was forced to retire and that an investigator was warned to stop investigating her case.

Hoerig claims every person that worked on her behalf was threatened and intimidated. She claims evidence that could prove her innocence has been, and continues to be, destroyed.

“I was never (made) aware of my entire case, whether in Brazil or in Ohio,” she wrote.

Hoerig does not know who is representing her in the appeal process.

“I am not being able to defend myself as I am being kept uninformed,” she wrote. “I have no counsel assistance.”

Hoerig said there was “a massive amount of evidence missing that prosecution and the judge concealed from my case.”

She also claims being denied due process during her extradition from Brazil back to the United States due to political pressure from Congressman Tim Ryan, D-Howland, and former Congressman John Boccierri, D-Boardman.

Hoerig was ordered by Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge Andrew Logan in December 2018 to stop filing handwritten motions in her case and all filings must go through her attorney. A previous gag order on the case was lifted after Hoerig was sentenced.


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