Property transfers

Property transfers filed in Trumbull County May 23-29:


Stephanie Frances Mikouis to Cory J. and Rachel T. Knowlton, 2370 McCleary Jacoby, $180,000

Paul Bennett Bowers to Eric Lee and Marie Adams, 2264 Bianca Lane, $322,000


Vivian D. Bundy to Melvin R. Blake, 574 Braceville Robinson Road, $117,000


Kenneth J. and Daniel K. Demaria to Bo E. Redarowicz, 1118 Collar Price, $145,000

Roberta L. Drake to Brandi L. and John A. Gerbasi, 7805 First, $25,924


Frederic W. Beagle to Frank Smith Jr. and Karen C. Smith, 200 Warrenton, $235,000


Dianna L. Bokone and Jason Kadvan to Divvy Homes Warehouse I LLC, $125,000


Robert E. Taylor Jr. and Rachelle L. Taylor to Michael P. Bodnar, 3717 Fowler Ridge, $138,500


William Ryser Jr. and Tracy Ryser to John W. and Amy Moliterno, 1751 Squaw Creek Drive, $312,000


Kimberlee C. Williams to Allen M. Byler, Bloomfield Kinsman, $22,000


Michelle C. Cardiero to Tyler J. Rosenberger, 7936 Raglan, $134,900

Robert Joseph Seidler III to Lindy G. and Philip M. Harper, 524 Laurelwood, $170,900

Mitchell Colson to Cameron W. Beebe and MaCarena Yanez Briceno, 8018 Castle Rock, $142,000

John and Amy Moliterno to Steven C. Belfi, 8052 Brookwood, $144,000

Daniel S. and Kristen Aurilio to Brittney M. and Christopher C. Hollister, 2235 Henn Hyde, $281,000

Howard R. and Nancy L. Myers to Brenda K. and Timothy C. Evans, 9276 Sunview, $112,120

Robert E. and Rita M. Lampson to Jeffrey S. and Carrie A. Schlatt, 9503 Falcon Track, $295,000

Todd and Kyle Buratto to Corey Gotschall, 548 North, $157,000

Aimee Elizabeth Ifft to William A. and Katherine A. Rabel, 8578 Squirrel Hill, $162,000

Frank and Theresa L. Florjancic to Renee Bastounis and James Fogarty, 121 Westwind Drive, $223,000

Louella O. Jaskolka to Affordable Residence LLC, 8082 Kenyon, $56,000

Rachel L. Anderson to Christopher J. and Cynthia Carney, 1035 Torrey Pines, $389,500


Robert L. and Donna J. Skruck to Mathew Prezioso, 717 Tom John, $161,900

VCI Radio Inc to Over/Under LLC, Sharon Brockway, $85,000

Ronald E. and Jessica L. Bochy to Kenneth Cernock, 10 Colony Drive, $140,000

Cassie L. McMonagle to Ryan J. Rexroad, 22 Jackson, $82,000


Tonya A. Barr and Nicole M. Bunner to Enos G. and Miriam A. Miller, 5373 Kingsville, $320,000


Hidden Hollow of Kinsman LLC to Heritage Hill Land Company LLC, 9340 Warren Meadville, $222,898

New Life Christian Center Inc to Banning Investments LLC, 7947 state Route 5, $150,000

Mary B. Swift to John H. and Georgia B. Case, 8289 State Street, $260,000


Melvin D. and Sadie J. Detweiler to Reuben R. Miller, 8613 S. Girdle, $150,000


Dorothy M. Fogel and Ann L. Brown to M Walker Investments LLC, 2886 E River Road, $85,500

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to John M. Cannell, 3138 Malibu, $63,200

Marietta L. Reed to Christopher J. Sokol, 2980 Malibu, $126,000

Roger N. Root to Allison L. Augusta and Matthew A. Clark, 2685 South Canal, $153,400

Janet R. Walters and Donna R. Swope to James A. and Belinda A. Lazor, $160,000


Theresa E. Strock to William and Nichole M. Garrison, 3856 Smith Stewart Road, $200,000


Barbara K. Paolucci to Stephen W. and Margaret A. Leigh, 2148 Beechwood, $105,200

Chris Gilger to Joann Zarkovacki, 297 North, $92,700

Glynis J. McCuen and Glynis J. Pipenur to Jeanine D. and Clarence E. Spangler, Monticello, $53,000

Amy R. Hart to Tracy D. and Paul E. Fritz, 279 Ohio, $21,000

Paragon Residential Solutions Company to Porscha S. Bell, 160 Kenmore, $40,000

Darlene P. Moore to Robert A. Workman, 2229 Parkwood, $42,500

Stephen R. and Beverly A. Kaser to Scott English, 2166 Hewitt Gifford, $149,900

Nichole Redmond to Richardo R. and Victoria A. Golden, 1747 Dodge, $85,000

Warren Redevelopment and Planning to Kenneth A. Morelli, 3850 Parkman, $90,000

Beatrice M. Davis to Charles J. and Bonita A. Fertig, 3126 Linda, $47,500

Trumbull County Land Reutilization to Wayne Housel, 1255 Atlantic, $72,000


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