Newton Falls teacher resigns

Accused of coming to school under the influence of drug

NEWTON FALLS — A second-grade teacher for the Newton Falls Exempted Village School District has resigned effective Aug. 1 after an investigation was launched that she came to the school under the influence of an “illegal substance.”

Kimberly Ault submitted a resignation letter last week during a meeting with Superintendent Paul Woodard, citing “personal reasons.”

According to an educator misconduct reporting form filed by Woodard with the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Professional Conduct, Ault was under the threat of termination or non-renewal and “engaged or may have engaged in conduct unbecoming to the teaching profession.”

The form states that on May 7, Ault came to school and told the secretary she was sick and needed a substitute for her class. It was reported that Ault’s speech was slurred, and she seemed to be under the influence of something.

Newton Falls Elementary school principal Tom Sullivan was out of the district but returned when he received a call about Ault, according to the educator misconduct reporting form filed by Woodard. After consulting with the district’s attorney, Sullivan asked Ault to take a drug test, but told her she did not have to consent to the drug test, according to the form.

Ault decided to take the drug test after consulting with her union president, the form states. Ault took a urine test and it tested positive, but the substance is redacted from the form. Hair samples that were taken also tested positive, but that substance also is redacted from the form.

Performance reviews for Ault from 2014, 2017 and 2018 show positive reviews.

According to her Linked In profile, Ault has been with the district since 1996.

Ault could not be reached for comment.


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