Crossing takes two more lives in 1922 train-truck accident

This week in history

99 years ago in 1922:

• Two more names were added to the growing list of grade crossing victims here.

Joseph T. Morris and Glen Steinmetz died as the result of an accident at the Quinby Avenue crossing of the Erie.

Passenger Train No. 6, speeding from Cleveland and due here at 3:43 p.m., crashed into a Ford truck owned by Morris, instantly killing the driver and Steinmetz, who was his brother-in-law.

The story of the accident, told by a man believed to be the only eyewitness to the fatal crash, was related by A. P. Carter, watchman on duty at the Tod Avenue crossing.

“Suddenly a truck appeared, coming from West Market on Quinby. It seemed to dart right onto the track, directly in the path of the engine,” Carter said. “The pilot of the locomotive struck the truck when the front auto wheels were about in the middle of the track. Parts of the truck were hurled into the air.”

50 years ago in 1971:

• At the February meeting of the Fowler-Vienna Parent-Teacher Assn. at the Baker Elementary School, a special honor was given to school nurse, Mrs. Margaret Carr, who was selected as “outstanding P.T.A. Member of 1971” for her many years of devotion to the school, community and to the association. A membership pin was given to Mrs. Carr by PTA president Mrs. Joseph Hayes.

Mrs. Carr had been chairwoman of the child care committee of the PTA for a number of years. Besides her outstanding work in PTA, she had been devoted to all the children she had taken care of in the school district. Beginning with preschool care and immunization programs, which she worked on, she was a “second mother” to all the children she helped throughout their school years.

25 years ago in 1996:

• A broom handle kept four inmates from getting out of the Trumbull County Jail during an escape attempt, according to reports.

A county sheriff’s report written by Tracy Weir, one of the corrections officers overcome by the escaping inmates, revealed details of how the foursome — three murder suspects and one convicted murderer — tried to flee.

Weir stated she managed to free herself from the handcuffs inmates had put on her and then she and officer Steve Sabulsky barricaded them in another cell range by closing the door behind them and shoving a broom stick through the door’s handle.

Weir said in her report the escape began around 6:45 p.m. when she and Sabulsky were putting mop buckets into all cell blocks.

10 years ago in 2011:

• In a winter that had already produced more than 90 inches of snow in the Mahoning Valley since early December, motorists were once again battling slippery, snow-covered roadways.

First, motorists had to fight through a sheen of ice to open car doors. In the evening, visibility was drastically reduced at times, several cars slid into ditches and icy roads caused a rash of fender-benders.

The wintry mix of sleet and snow lead to several crashes on the 711 Connector, temporarily shutting down the southbound lanes near the boarder of Youngstown and Girard.

Seven cars were involved in a crash where the 711 Connector meets interstate 680 by V&M Star. A second four-car crash happened near the Gypsy Lane Exit.

— Compiled from the archives of the Tribune Chronicle by Allie Vugrincic.


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