Long Hunt releases video to accompany ‘Wanderer’

The Long Hunt had a long wait to release “Threshold Wanderer.”

The new album by the instrumental psych / doom / post-rock trio was in the mixing and mastering stage when the COVID-19 pandemic started, so the band — Trevor Richards, guitars; Allison Kacmar Richards, bass; and Mark Lyons, drums — decided to delay its planned summer 2020 release until it could play out in support of it.

During the unplanned hiatus, Trevor Richards taught himself 3D animation and created a full-length animated video that will be available simultaneously with its release Friday via Bandcamp and other streaming platforms. The videos will be on the band’s YouTube channel and accessible from its website — listentothelonghunt.com.

The Long Hunt is based in Pittsburgh, but Richards (Champion) and Kacmar Richards (Lordstown) are both Mahoning Valley natives and Youngstown State University graduates.

“In January 2021, I started messing with 3D software Blender and decided it would be a good idea to utilize that time to do an animated video,” Richards said.

The project took eight months and he estimates more than 1,000 hours to complete.

“It was really amazing to see Trevor’s process, learning and creating such a beautiful work,” Kacmar Richards said.

Most of the songs start with Richards, who brings musical ideas to his wife and Lyons in rehearsal. Those ideas begin to take shape in the rehearsal process, after which Richards will refine them further before the bands records them.

“I consider it a symbiotic thing,” he said.

The last of the six tracks on the album — the nearly 13-minute opus “Procession of Dust” — was one of the first ones written, Kacmar Richards said, and one of the tracks that shaped the tone of the album.

“Even though it’s an instrumental album, I still try to convey a story or concept,” Richards said, and the full-length video expands on some of the ideas he had in mind while writing the music.

“An underworld journey, traveling between different worlds — I was already thinking along those lines, but I didn’t know what form it would take. A lot of times we don’t name the songs until they’re recorded. We just say, ‘Hey, play the new one’ or ‘Play number one.’ The theme develops through the naming of the songs the naming of the album. The artwork might capitalize on the theme we’re building using symbolism and archetypes, things to go deep into people’s brains.”

Richards enjoyed the challenge of making the video and is happy with the result, but it’s not something he plans to do again anytime soon, at least not without a crew to help with the animation.

Downloads of “Threshold Wanderer” can be purchased online. CDs will be available at the band’s gigs. He ultimately wants to release the music and video on Blu-ray, and a vinyl release is under consideration if the rising costs and production delays can be overcome.

The band will perform at Westside Bowl in Youngstown on May 28 as the opening act for a bill featuring Blackwater Holylight, BleakHeart, Divide and Dissolve and Frayle. Its set that night won’t be long enough to play all of “Threshold Wanderer,” but the couple said they hope to play a headlining show in Youngstown this summer. And work on new music already is underway.

“Basically the bones of an entire full-length album already are written,” Richards said.


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