Forget the haunted house, check out local haunts

October has arrived and Halloween is quite near as pumpkins, black cats, and witches and brooms will abound on this night of a festivity of hauntings and scary events.

Are we aware that there are many hauntings and legends practically in our own backyard? Here are a few:

• Warren City Hall

Strange happenings occur inside Warren’s City Hall, so they say. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was responsible for her nephew’s death. She roams the grounds looking for him, calling his name. People have called the police after seeing someone looking out the window of City Hall. The police search the building only to find no one inside.

• Perkins Park

The Perkins family lived on the land in the 1800s. The son of the family is said to have hanged himself from one of the trees between where the Perkins Park playground and the Warren Community Amphitheatre now stand a year after he graduated from Yale. When the father discovered the body, he hanged himself in the office of their home. Purple swirls have been seen in photos taken around the area where the son hanged himself.

• Belmont Park Cemetery

Just behind the Red Cross central office, the cemetery is reportedly haunted. It seems that a very weary and somewhat distraught widow of a Civil War officer threw herself into the river. Her apparition is seen every year during the winter months, either wearing a beautiful white gown or a blood drenched white gown. Ghostly cries can sometimes be heard.

• Girard Multi-Generation Center

Built in 1919 as a school, the center is said to be haunted by a little girl who was supposedly buried in the cement by accident. Her father was on the construction crew and she was bringing him his lunch, but she never made it home. Those who were in the building after hours have reported hearing the sound of a mop or broom handle hitting the floor but could never find the source of the sound. One parent who was using the restroom during football practice had a faucet turn on when she was the only person in the restroom. Lights even mysteriously turned on in the wee hours of the morning for no apparent reason.

• Champion Elementary School

Students have claimed there once was a pool under the girls’ restroom where two students drowned years ago. Their spirits are said to haunt the school. They have been seen in the restroom laughing before disappearing.

• Cortland Debra Place

There are many purported hauntings here. Most notably is the people who live there being awakened at night feeling a presence in the room. Some say they’ve seen objects moving across the room in mid-air. Some of the objects seen moving follow a long white tail of a dress.

• Newton Falls Crybaby Bridge

The Crybaby Bridge is a historic bridge with a covered walkway and the oldest of its kind. A woman who didn’t want her baby supposedly threw it off the bridge. To this day, it is said one can hear crying coming from beneath the bridge.

• Mahoning River Underground Railroad

Many period homes have secret passages and hidden doors. One such passage was a tunnel that was built beneath the Mahoning River, which has been blocked off for danger of collapse. The legend is that it had collapsed once during its use in aiding escaping slaves, trapping a group of slaves for days — their moans and screams were heard until they eventually died. It is said that on cool autumn nights, one can still hear their screams.

These are just a few of our local hauntings and legends that are collected on the “Trumbull County Hauntings & Legends” tab on the ohioexploration.com website. Have a very frightful and haunting Halloween!

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