Map of candy treats tags Ohio as chocolate state

I’m moving to Oregon. Or possibly Arizona. But I’ll bypass Louisiana and Oklahoma.

I base my relocation plans on the vital “Top Halloween Candy by State” interactive map posted at CandyStore.com.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups rank No. 1 in Oregon, followed by M&M’s and candy corn, according to 11 years of research by bulk candy distributor CandyStore.com. In Arizona, it’s Snickers, Hot Tamales (oops) and Hershey Kisses.

But Louisiana favors Lemonhead and Oklahoma stocks up on buckets of Dubble Bubble, neither of which is my cup of cider.

Remember when as kids we charted our treat routes by which houses passed out chocolate bars and which tricked you with toothbrushes? Now we can choose entire states by consideration of our candy cravings.

“If you’re looking for the state that gives out full-size candy bars, word is that Oregon might be the place to be,” Clair Robins of CandyStore.com said.

Forget “location, location, location.” It’s “Hershey’s, Mars, Nestle” as we consult CandyStore.com’s documentation to choose where our travels will take us. Among the bite-sized nuggets in the report:

• The best spooky-time candies in the nation, according to a CandyStore.com survey of more than 40,000 people, are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups at No. 1, followed by Snickers, Twix, Kit-Kat and M&M’s. (Notice the common denominator: chocolate.)

• However, the top five-selling candies, in order, are Skittles, M&M’s, Snickers, Reese’s cups and Starburst.

• The survey says the candies most likely to get your windows soaped are circus peanuts, candy corn, wax Coke bottles, Necco Wafers and peanut butter kisses — the sticky, chewy chunks wrapped in orange and black papers. (I notice a distinct lack of chocolate.)

• The trick-or-treat chart-topper by sales here in Ohio is M&M’s. But after that, things get a little rough. Blow Pops ranked second and Starburst came in third on the popularity index. (I won’t be snitching either out of your plastic pumpkins.)

• Oddly, our neighbors all favor non-chocolate options: Pennsylvania, Skittles; West Virginia, Blow Pops; Kentucky, Swedish Fish; Indiana, Hot Tamales; and Michigan, candy corn. (This is why we live in Ohio.)

• In Delaware, the best-selling Halloween candy is Life Savers. (I prefer popping next door in Maryland for Milky Way bars or zipping up the road a bit for Almond Joy bars in Connecticut.)

• Nebraska — landlocked about as far between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as you can get — loves salt water taffy. Sales figures show Nebraska will buy 108,819 pounds of taffy, compared to 74,728 pounds of Sour Patch Kids at No. 2 and 24,433 pounds of Twix bars at No. 3.

• It doesn’t get any chocolateyer north of Nebraska. South Dakota favors Starburst, candy corn and Jolly Ranchers. North Dakota checks in with Hot Tamales, Jolly Ranchers and candy corn in the top three spots.

• New York buys 203,705 pounds of Sour Patch Kids, while California tastes the rainbow with 1,620,736 pounds of Skittles. (Insert your own jokes here.)

So if you see me strolling down your street, throw chocolate treats. No tricks. Otherwise, I’m packing for Texas (Peanut Butter Cups) or Florida (Snickers) or perhaps Mississippi (3 Musketeers.)

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(Find the interactive candy map of the United States here: https://www.candystore.com/blog/facts-trivia/halloween-candy-map-popular/ )