YSU player chronicles injury

THE following is a question and answer session with Youngstown State University redshirt senior point guard Francisco Santiago.

This is the first of what will be a weekly update on Santiago’s progress during this season following his surgery on a torn ACL in his right knee.

YSU plans to petition the NCAA for a medical redshirt for Santiago at season’s end.

You can see the video of this interview on Twitter @jvargoTrib

Q: What was the surgery like and how the did the procedure go?

A: I had the surgery at UPMC with Dr. (Freddie) Fu, the Steelers surgeon. He has a double bundle. He does it kind of differently. I read into that. I really liked what they were saying about the surgery and how they did it, the research that went into it. I really wanted to go there and get it done by him. He basically took a piece of my quad and put it where my ACL would be and formed an ACL like that.

The surgery went well. It was last week (Jan. 9). Everything went good.

Q: What kind of things are you going to do here in the next couple of weeks?

(Thursday), I got the stitches out. I’m on the CPM machine, which is a machine where I just lay there and it bends my knee back and forth.

(Friday), I start doing exercises with coach (Todd) Burkey (athletic trainer for the men’s basketball program).

Q: When you can have a basketball back in your hands?

A: I’m guessing a few months. Coach Burkey said I can’t put any weight on it yet. It’ll be a few weeks before I do that. I’m not sure. Three or four months, I’m guessing.

Q: You’re on crutches for how long?

A: A few more weeks, until I can put weight on there. They said I’ll go from two crutches to one crutch. As I finally get better, they’ll take the one crutch away.

Q: What is going on right now? (Santiago was laying on a training table with a compression around the knee)

A: Just compression and ice to get the swelling down.

Q: Glad you had the procedure?

A: I probably should not have held it off so long. I should’ve of done it early because I would’ve been close to being all the way back. But, I made the decision to play. Got to get through it now.