Voters sent wrong poll information

WARREN — A wave of postcards sent to registered voters in Trumbull County that contain wrong polling place locations caused much confusion Friday.

It also prompted a call from the elections board for voters to verify the correct location where they will cast a ballot on Tuesday.

Board officials were trying Friday to determine who sent the cards and letters, said Stephanie Penrose, Trumbull County Elections Board director, while simultaneously urging voters to confirm their right polling location either by calling the elections board or on its website,

The notices did not come from the elections board, Penrose said.

Anyone with questions can call the board at 330-369-4050 or go to the website to check. There is a notice posted on the site that no polling locations have changed on Election Day.

In one instance, Penrose said, the voter, a Warren resident, was instructed to vote in West Farmington.

If a voter tries to vote in a wrong precinct, pollworkers will be instructed to direct the voter to the correct location, Penrose said.

“Pollworkers have a street listing for the county and a polling place that they can look that (the correct polling location) up. And they are always told to call us if they can’t figure that out,” Penrose said.