Children inspire ‘Bubba & Boo’ album by Liberty native

Megan Anderson Schoenbohm has been making music since she was a child. Now she’s making music for children.

This week the Liberty native and 2001 Brookfield High School graduate released “Bubba & Boo,” a collection of songs inspired by her two children, Kaia and Xavier.

“After I became a mother, I naturally gravitated toward writing children’s music,” she said during a telephone interview from her home in San Rafael, Calif. “The ideas flowed more naturally, and I realized that’s what I was supposed to be doing.”

That realization came in 2011, but as any parent knows, finding time for other things is difficult around the demands of two children.

“This past January, I had this moment of, ‘If not now, when?’ I need to do this now. I pretty much flung myself full force into the project,” she said. “I would get up every morning at 3 a.m. and go to the studio and start recording.”

Schoenbohm, a 2004 Berklee College of Music graduate, plays all of the instruments on the record.

The “Bubba” and “Boo” of the album’s title track are the nicknames of her children, and the song was one of the first written for it.

“The song is about two cheetahs,” she said. “My daughter was obsessed with cheetahs, so I personified my children as cheetahs and wrote a song about their daily activities, running around, having snacks, being silly. That sort of set the tone for the album.”

According to her bio, Schoenbohm started making music at age 2 by banging on pots and pans. Growing up she studied drums / percussion, piano and flute and taught herself oboe, guitar and bass. She played in the Youngstown Symphony Youth Orchestra and credited her conductors there ä Stephen L. Gage and Isaiah Jackson – and her music teachers at school – Thomas Ruggieri and Daniel Carioti – with developing her passion for music.

“I was one of those kids who would try to play any instrument, and he (Carioti) was fully in support of that,” she said. “They really encouraged me and let me chart my course. That’s what I wanted to do, and I was going to nag them until they made it happen … They were all so passionate about their careers. The authentic presence they brought to their roles, you couldn’t help but be inspired and want to have that happiness for yourself.”

“Bubba & Boo” currently is available as a digital download through iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Schoenbohm said Tuesday she is waiting for the CDs to arrive, and she will be selling them during a tour of Florida this summer and gigs in California and Oregon. She still has family in the area and is hoping to play a show locally, but right now nothing is scheduled.


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