Zallow finishes 4th at Millrose Games

The last thing on Chad Zallow’s mind was his trip to the emergency room working on a separated shoulder. That was more than a week ago.

Saturday, the Youngstown State University junior hurdler had bigger things on his mind. The YSU trainers got one of the top collegiate hurdlers ready for a monumental task — the Millrose Games at the Armory in New York City.

Zallow got himself in the blocks of the 60-meter hurdles as he’s done many times before. He felt great and not much was going to stand in his way as he faced some world record holders and Olympians.

The John F. Kennedy High School standout and multiple state champion jetted out of the blocks in Lane 8, looking as if he’d contend for the lead after the first couple of hurdles.

Then he, like the rest of the field, succumbed to two Olympians — Devon Allen and Aries Merritt. Allen won in 7.50 seconds, while Merritt was second (7.53).

Syracuse’s Freddie Crittenden, who has been a rival of Zallow’s in the NCAA ranks, took third (7.66). Zallow was fourth (7.70), while Aleec Harris was fifth (7.73) in the Fred Schmertz men’s 60m hurdles final.

“Running alongside all of those elite level athletes was surreal,” Zallow said. “It was a huge honor just to be out there. I really felt like I belonged and I felt like I proved it.”

He proudly wore the red and black of YSU, showing his pride of the Mahoning Valley.

“I had a really great start and I felt like I was winning for the first half of the race,” Zallow said. “I definitely had to make those other guys work for the win. I couldn’t be more satisfied beating half of an extremely elite field of athletes especially after being in the ER just this past Friday (Jan. 26).”