Youngstown Marathon providing online options

Disappointed. Sure, it wasn’t the thing Mark Lipinsky envisioned.

He’d rather see runner after runner wind through the trees and roads inside the comfort of Mill Creek Park, eventually emerging into the landmarks within downtown Youngstown.

COVID-19 pandemic canceled feet gliding across the pavement, runners pushing past their mental and physical limitations at what would’ve been the fourth annual Youngstown Marathon on Oct. 25.

No full marathon. No half marathon. Neither one can be run live on Oct. 25.

“It’s a tough year for a lot of things,” said Lipinsky, chief executive officer and race director.

Both of those races go to a virtual option on youngstown marathon.com.

The Youngstown City Health District said the race couldn’t take place because of coronavirus.

Second Sole Timing assisted the Peace Race last year. Lipinsky said the Peace Race board has “not made a decision if they are going to hold their event or not, yet.”

“If they approve our event running through the city, then that opens a whole can of worms for everyone else who wants to do something downtown within the Youngstown City limits,” Lipinsky said.

The 5K portion of the Youngstown Marathon may still occur.

“We’re waiting on Mill Creek Park to see if they’re allowing any events to occur in the park and a change in jurisdiction between the Boardman part of Mill Creek Park and the Youngstown portion of Mill Creek Park,” Lipinsky said. “If we can’t hold it on the normal 5K course, we’ll come up with another course to be able to hold the event somewhere else. We’re going to do everything we can to at least have that portion of Youngstown Marathon.”


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