Senkowitz embraces role of Bulldog leader

Gabe Senkowitz

Gabe Senkowitz is all business. From his handshake to his demeanor, he wastes no time. Everything he does is to the point.

“I don’t have anything that’s bulletin board material, we’re just going to go out on the field and practice every single day and try to get better,” Senkowitz said. “That’s the goal. We’re working together as a unit and we’re trying to piece it together and build something great here.”

Senkowitz headlines a Lakeview football senior group of seven. Out of those seven, he and fellow tailback Isaac Russo are the only ones who have lettered more than once.

Now, as a senior, Senkowitz is fully entrenched in the leadership role, something he handled last season. But he’s going even further in 2019.

“I’m going to push my players and do everything I can to make them better out on the field,” he said. “I get to show all the young players what to do and what it means to be a Lakeview football player.”

To Senkowitz, being a Lakeview football player is all about pride in the program and pride in yourself.

“Have character, be disciplined and do everything you can,” Senkowitz said. “We’ve got to get stuff done.”

When asked about last season, it couldn’t have mattered less to him. He’s focused on one thing and one thing only. This season.

“I’m not focused on last year,” Senkowitz said. “The only thing I’m focused on is this year. We’ve got some new players and we’re excited heading into the year.”

The Bulldogs aren’t a team that’s used to losing, and Senkowitz is doing what he can on and off the field to keep his team from getting used to it.

“This is my last ride this year so I’m trying to be the best that I can,” he said.

In his last ride, Senkowitz has a one-track mind toward success, and is leaving it all on the field.